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Default American Deadlifting... in Romania???

OK, so I've been talked into starting a training log...

...I figure I'll give a short bio first. I am 5'9", 96kg, 33yo. I'm an American expat (originally from MI) living in Bucharest, Romania. I am an English teacher and a translator. I'm married (to an American) and I have just started lifting again this summer (late July 2013) after a 5-yr layoff due to a back injury and the subsequent laziness that comes after being injured.

I'll continue to add bonus bio information as this log progresses, but I think it's important to give some background on my lifting program now. I started out in July with a beginner's 5x5 full-body workout (

3 weeks ago, I switched to the following split... a little too soon, in retrospect, as I had been making decent gains up until the point that I switched. I probably should have stuck with the full-body for at least another 3 months, but anyway now I'm on this one and I'm committed to sticking to it at least until the new year. This is a "compound only" split, and it's currently kind of kicking my ass. Here's what it looks like (including my numbers):

Bench 4x12 (85kg)
Incline DB Press 4x10 (32kg DBs)
Close-grip Bench 4x8 (70kg)
Dips 4xMAX (I only get 9 because my pecs/tris are toast)

Deep Squats 12/10/8/6 (85/90/92.5/95kg)
Stiff Legged DL 12/10/8/6 (92.5/95/97.5/100kg)
Dumbell Lunges 4x8/leg (18kg DBs)
Lying floor leg- 5x20
raise w/ crunch

Pull-Up 4x12 (I get the first set and then about 9 unassisted after)
Chin-Up 4x10 (I'm getting the first 3 sets and assisting on the last)
Rows 4x12 (67.5kg)
Cable Rows 4x10 (80kg)

Military Press 12/10/8/6 (42.5/45/45/47.5kg)
Seated DB Press 4x10 (18kg DBs)
Shrugs 4x8 (50kg DBs)
Upright Rows 4x12 (42.5kg)
Bicycle Floor 5x20
Ab Crunch

OK, so anyway feel free to post any comments/tips/questions... assuming anybody is reading this.
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