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General Fitness & Health Discuss general fitness. conditioning and health topics.

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Cool "No Such Thing As Overtraining"

I was brought up to Believe that Overtraining was a very bad thing.

I was taught the more or less Orthodox Arthur Jones' Theory of Recovery:

"As one gets stronger, one's ability to deplete one's Recovery Ability grows Geometrically while one's ability to Recover Grows somewhat less than Arithmetically."

"More Sleep, Better Diet, Massage—Whatever, may increase one's recovery ability Marginally—but nothing helps it very much."

"The more advanced one becomes, the easier it becomes to overtrain."

We usually did 1 set to exhaustion with Beaucoup Burns, Cheats and Negatives.

Maybe 2 Exercises would actually be done for 2 sets—and maybe every other 6-week cycle, 1 Special Exercise might be done for 3 Whole Sets!

{Powerlifters did a few more sets on the 3 Powerlifts—but not on Assistance Exercises.}

I continually wanted to do MORE—But I diligently Restrained Myself.

Then I read The Barbarian Brother's Axiom:

"There is no such thing as Overtraining. There is only Under-Eating, Under-Sleeping and Failure of Will."

Well, I was always big on 9 or 10 hours sleep per night.

And when I ate too much, I put on FAT.

The Barbarian Brothers were reputed to eat 10 000 to 15 000 calories per day.

I theorized that the more that you could eat without getting fat, the more that you could train and grow—but few of us can pig-out like The Barbarian Brothers without becoming Porcine.

Now, decades later CT Fletcher comes along with the same Rhetoric...

Only he says:

"You Ain't really Worried about Overtraining. You're Just LAZY!"

That isn't fair, on many levels—but it does occur to me...

Never once did I try attacking the weights Barbarian Brothers Style over a long enough period of time to see if maybe I was one of the "1 in 10 000 Mutants" who could make such a high volume and high intensity regime pay off...

I Wonder Why?

It probably wouldn't work, but then—You don't know until you try...

But neither The Barbarian Brothers or CT Fletcher were/is very good at presenting a Structured Theory and Program.


With an "I'm either going to surpass all my former limits OR get 'Overtrained' trying..."

{And yes, there is the Issue of the Difference between The Medical Condition Known as "Overtraining" and what Athletes call "Overtraining" which is mere "Over-Reaching" 98% of the time...}

But exactly what Reps/Sets/Percentages/Exercises would someone use to put CT Fletcher's oft Quoted Theories a fair chance to work?

Logically, where would one even begin?


Saxon Violence

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