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Alright guys, it is monday - Post meet. Time for the update!
Friday weighed in, set openers, rack heights, etc etc... than the bloat began!

and did we bloat! jesus. we ate so much lol. our 275er, which is never 275 (weighed in at 273, friday night he was 284, lol)


warm ups felt great, and everything was moving fast! I was lucky and the whole team (other than Kcstrongmanben were all in 2nd flight. so we got the golden treatment, and it paid off!)
I had to wrap myself for my warmups (which usually I don't after 700, so i was a little nervous) but adrenaline and everything was perfect - it didnt matter. 600 felt like paper, 700 felt like a broom, 740 felt like 135.

Opener - 815. My feet were a little in front of me during the unracking so it took a little more than i wanted to unrack it. but it was EASY! another judge told me "hey warm up room is back there, stop it.".

2nd attempt and 28lbs pr - 854. set up was flawless, walk out good. went down and stood up, it was a little slower than what we wanted, but still had damn good speed.

I walked off platform - RAGE WAS HIGH! took everything i had to keep it bottled and saved for my 3rd. I told my coach (Michael Greeno) and Brad Johnson who were calling my numbers, go call it and don't tell me, i dont give a sh*t because I am going to get it.

3rd attempt - 876lbs. Ever had that moment, where tunnel vision sets in, rage is uncontrollable and the only way to keep it centered is by doing something like powerlifting? well this is the best way I can describe it. In the video you can see me mouthing words to myself and the bar. Anger and rage and emotion. got under the bar, unracked it, walked out set up. When i took my breath and started my descent - All I could think about was "prove it." Nothing was stopping me from this squat. 3 white lights and a huge pr.


Opener - 501. The easiest it has been - ever.

2nd attempt - 534. 5lbs pr, and the weight that crushed me last time, got it.

3rd attempt - 540. 11lbs pr, and was the biggest bench of the day. 3 whites


Opener - 650. Easy as hell, but had to do this to conserve my hand from blowing out.

2nd attempt - 705. felt good, was bout to lockout and, grip gave. no problem have another shot. Dad walked up, got me fired up, also so did the other teammates.

3rd attempt - 705. easiest it has ever felt! was fast and moving. last second - grip gave. pissed. if i would've got this i wouldve had a 2116 total. But i am not mad, i am veyr happy with the day and shit shows me what i have to work on - MY GRIP.

'Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way. Believe in yourself.'

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