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Default Feel weak. What could be causing it?

So I went to the garage for my workout tonight, but when I tried to lift the weight,(Bench Press) I couldn't.

It was a feeling I haven't experienced before.

Well, I have, but before it was because the weight I was using was too heavy.

This time, it just felt like I was too weak.

To me it felt like my muscles hadn't recovered from my previous workouts.

I experienced something similar last workout too. (which was not yesterday but the day before.)

I go by the 5X5 parameters.

Work with the given weight until I hit 5x5, then when I do, increase the weight, and work back up.

It normally always goes a certain way.

I'll use close grip bench press as an example.

I'll work with a weight until I get 5x5. Then, when I've reached 5x5, I increase the weight.

When I've increased the weight, I'll get maybe 4 sets instead of 5, then the next time, I'll get 4 sets, and maybe 3 reps of the 5th set.

Then the next time I use that weight, I hit 5x5, and will increase the weight next time to repeat the process.

The other day though, I only got in 1, 2 or 3 struggled sets with each exercise after I'd increased the weight.

So I've got weaker and weaker in the last week or so.


2 workouts ago with bench press, I added my usual 2.5kg worth of weight on to the existing weight after I hit my 5x5 for progression.

Next workout when I tried it, instead of getting 3 or 4 sets in with the new weight like I normally would, I got 1 set.

Now this time when I tried that same weight again, I just about reached failiure at 3 reps.

So its been slowly happening throughout thew week, until this time, where I can't even get the first set in.

I'm not really sure what's happening.

There could be a few reasons I suppose.

This is the first week I added heavy skull crushers in, and my military press has increased in weight which made it considerably more difficult.
So that could've been something to do with it but I really don't know. Could be anything.

Anyway, I had to come in today and actually not do my workout because I just felt too weak.

I guess my questions are,

What could be causing it?

And what should I do?

I'm just worried now I'm screwing something up again.

Thanks guys.

- Linden

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