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Craig Pfisterer
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Got a cold Monday, guess too much excite seeing people on Sunday haha. Didn't stop me from training. Extra day of rest for this week since I did events on Sunday instead of Saturday. With Labor Day coming up, going to have be that schedule for next week as well.

August 27, 2013 – Overhead Event Day

Dynamic Warm-ups

Circus Dumbbell Clean and Presses
20x5 R
20x5 L
50x5 R
50x5 L
80x3 R
80x3 L
110x3 R
110x3 L
137x4 R
137x4 L
137x4 R
137x4 L
137x4 R
137x4 L
137x4 R
137x4 L
157x2 R
157x2 L
177x2 R
177x2 L

Band Triceps Pressdowns

Face Pulls

29 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: I was worried with how this would feel, considering it is having me hit about 90% of my 1rm max already. Actually went well. The sets of four went up easier than last time and same with the first double. Even tried taking shorter rests for the sets of four. Had some issues with the heavy double. I tried doing a non-stop touch and go style that I have been doing for the lighter weights. Didn't work out this time. I guess I need to get stronger and just remember to break it up for the heaviest set. On both sides, I got the first rep and missed the second rep on the first try. Just reset and got the second rep. Ties my PR double. It will be interesting to see how this goes next time with a bit more weight. Did triceps and face pulls a little different this time as I broke them up into their own exercise. Tougher I think. Felt as good as I could be considering the circumstances.

August 28, 2013 – Lower Body Training

Dynamic Warm-ups

9" Block Pulls
Added Straps

21" Front Box Squats w/ Chains (+82lbs)

Glute Ham Raises

Ab Wheel

32 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Same anxiety as overhead stuff with the added concern of how the car deadlift hold would affect this. Went with the deadlift bar. All of my PR's are on this bar and I can't use the other bars for pulls besides the broken rack bar. I was worried warming up as my back felt fatigued even with the light weights. But it went better than last time as well. Kind of the same result as overhead in that I knew what to expect this time. I knew it could be done. I worked on taking the slack out not only the bar but myself. I don't think I've been doing that correctly in the past. Not sure if I can replicate that for a pull off the floor. Double with 635lbs technically a PR as I haven't pulled more than 630lbs for reps. It was a tough double but I think I could have at least gotten another rep, maybe two if I had a gun to my head. Puts me on track to a 700lbs pull or more if all goes well. On the down set, I got 13 reps and stopped. Could've done 12 but I felt 13 was better since I TNG the second rep. Had another two in me I think, just got bored with all the reps to be honest. Besides the good pulling, the lack of twinging in my lower ab/groin area was also a highlight. Front squats were "fun" this time. Chain setup had all the weight off the ground at lockout so I was fully supporting it. I immediately regretted my decision to bump up the weight 10lbs with how tough it felt. Legs were feeling the burn on set two but I just told myself I can do more. Glute hams are starting to get tough. Feels like I got metal pythons on my neck with the thick chains haha. Finished up with ab wheel and a lot of stretching.

"Strongman is stupid."
- Mike Jenkins
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