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Talking BigAlFry's Training Log

Hey whats up guys, I've been a member on the forums since '09 but haven't really been active until now. I was going to post something about myself in the introductions thread but it appears to be locked... Oh well, I'll just introduce myself here.

Name's Alex - I'm 26 and have been lifting for 10 years now. I live in Calgary, Canada with my wife Danielle and my two boys Caleb(3) and Elijah(1.5). I'm an engineer tech. which means I spend 9 hours a day tied to a desk next to an asshole who talks too much. Lifting keeps me sane and prevents me from kicking in his teeth.

When I was 16 I was 6'3" and 130 lbs. I got tired of being nicknamed things like "stretch" so I went down to Canadian Tire and picked up a cheap weight bench. I started researching and lifting and by the time I went back to school at the end of the summer I had packed on over 50lbs of (mostly) muscle. I kept on going from there. Sold my weight bench and joined a local gym throughout the remainder of highschool and college and never stopped from there.

Lifting is a part of who I am - it's a part of the definition of 'me'. I love lifting, I love getting bigger, I love getting stronger and I love how nobody dares to F*** with me.

I found myself getting a little bored with training - I always did it for fun but never really got anywhere with it, no goal, no end result. So I came back to these forums a couple of weeks ago and started looking around and realised that I really want to start taking this seriously and get into powerlifting. I sent a message to Steve and he recommended a workout for me, the HugeGainer Early Intermediate Strength Building 4 Day Split (I'd post a link but I haven't made enough posts here yet to be allowed to).

I just started on it yesterday so I have a little catching up to do on the posting. Since this is a new workout I'm still kind of feeling out what weight I should be using so for the first week or two it won't be terribly consistent.

Day 1:
Total Reps:20
Rep Goal: 20

Romanian Deadlift:
Total reps: 24
Rep Goal: 15

Leg Press:
Total Reps: 73
Rep Goal: 60

Leg Curls (standing, one leg):
Total Reps: 44
Rep Goal: 40

Decline Weighted Situps:
I never do abs, so I went without weight.
Total Reps:26
Rep Goal: 10-25

Calve Raise:
Total Reps: 42
Rep Goal: 40

Obviously I need to bump all of these up a bit next week, some more than others. Once I get everything all felt out I'll start my progressive loading.
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