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Default BTB Bigger Beard & Next Evolution Log

New focus, new log.

I learned a lot this year. Primarily:

1) Weight. I gain an incredible amount of strength when I gain weight. My health also deteriorates rapidly.

2) Conditioning. It does no good to be the strongest man in the world if you lack the conditioning to make it through a meet.

3) Lower Back. Sitting all day for work has zapped my lower back. I have no endurance.

4) Powerlifting. A love this sport, and the people in this sport. I am all-in.

5) High intensity. Low rep, high intensity lifting works.

6) Floor Pulling. Thought pulling from 3 to 5 inches is less taxing that floor pulls, I still need floor pull reps to practice form.


Weight loss - I am not setting a poundage goal or rate of loss. I will simply set an upper calorie limit and eat mostly whole foods.

Conditioning - I will be walking 5 to 6 days a week for 45 to 60 minutes. This involves a lot of uphill walking. I need to get some basic conditioning level, and be able to stay on my feet during a meet without feeling like death.

Lower Back - Going to do kettlebell swings 5x a week. Need to build lower back endurance and grease the groove.

Powerlifting - Compete more often.

--I plan on deadlifting more, but keeping floor pulls to 70%. Heavy days will be 3" rack pulls.
--I want to not squat max out every week, just for mental reasons. Will probably squat every 5 days, 2 moderate days, then a heavy day.
--Bench - Keep assistance arm work. Keep doing what I am doing It is working.

I also need to keep a concrete schedule. For life reasons, as well as peaking.

The Plan

A fleshing out of the plan forward.

--Heavy days will be on the weekends, distraction free.
--Conditioning during the week only, first thing in the AM on training days.

Monday - Conditioning (PM)
Tuesday - Moderate Deads + Squats, Conditioning (AM)
Wednesday - Light Bench + Arm Work, Conditioning (AM)
Thursday - Conditioning (PM)
Friday - Conditioning (PM)
Saturday - Heavy Deads or Squats + Assistance
Sunday - Heavy Bench + Arm Work

*Might work in ab work with PM conditioning sessions over time if I feel like it.

Heavy Deads and Squats

Alternating between 2 weeks.

Week 1 - Heavy deadlift, daily max. Slightly lighter squat weight (SLIGHTLY) and probably go for a rep PR.

Week 2 - Heavy squat, daily max. Slightly lighter deadlift weight (SLIGHTLY) and probably go for a rep PR. Deadlift will be from 3" distance.

Heavy Bench

Work up to a daily max. Assistance work will be 2-3 sets of dumbbell curls and lying tricep extensions each.

Moderate Deads + Squats

70% deads for singles, alternating between sumo and conventional. Slightly lighter squat weight than daily max and probably go for a rep PR.

Light Bench + Arm Work

400-440ish bench for 8-10 singles. Assistance work will be 2-3 sets of dumbbell curls and lying tricep extensions each.


Not a dramatic change over what I have been doing. Biggest change is not training squats and deads heavy each week. The second biggest change will be forcing myself to stick to a schedule. I need to do this to help balance my life.


August 28th, 2013 - Adopting a new training protocol:
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