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Mind and Motivation This forum is for the cultivation of motivation, inner health, spiritual health and mental strength.

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Cool What Moves Us?

When I was little, I liked to find a relatively high place to jump off of...

High enough to be a bit scary.

The first four or five jumps would be pretty automatic...

Then, perhaps because I was subconsciously getting tired of slamming hard into the ground, I'd get a bit reluctant.

I'd stand on the edge of the precipice.

There was a straight bit of timeline that was:

A.} "Definitely not ready to jump yet."

Then there were two branching time lines:

B.} Jumped,


B'.} Did Not Jump.

But there was a spot in time—kinda like how a branch thickens right before it forks—where I had unambiguously left "A" forever behind, but I hadn't yet decided between the Two "B's"...

I was in "B" but there was a very brief instant it didn't matter which "B" I chose.

Whether I found myself falling or still standing on the edge an instant later, I was equally surprised.

I think that Zenlike instant was the point of the whole exercise.

But I do the same thing in life, only over a longer timescale and with far less amusement.

"Tomorrow I will resume my Drawing Practice once more."

"Tomorrow I'll start listening to my Spanish Tapes again."

{Something like $400 worth of Spanish Tapes. I got to something like "Day 26" of the first 30 day section.

I think there's three thirty-day volumes and a "Supplement" of about a Dozen day's worth...

My lessons grew too tedious to tolerate and I "Dropped Out"

That was 4 or 5 years ago.}

Tomorrow I'll start Walking every day once more, or resume my Calisthenics or try to Eat a bit more Right.

And I've been telling myself that for a very long time now.

I know that seldom do I follow through on my intentions...

But occasionally I surprise myself.

I went for three years and never missed a single day walking—and lost over 200 Pounds...

And I didn't say that I was going to start walking the night before that three year spree, with any more (or less) conviction than I'll say it tonight.

Don Juan told Castenada that sometimes one needs to "Wait on The Will."

But he also stressed that life is far too short and uncertain to shilly-shally around.

Even the old Greek Philosophers asked why folks identify one practice as "Good"; but seem almost compelled against their Will and Better Judgement to do the Opposite.

Saul of Tarsus said that:

The good that He Would do (i.e. Wanted to do) he did not; while that which he would not do, he did.

I think that it was Augustine who Prayed:

"O God, please give me Piety, Chastity, Moderation, Patience and Perseverance—

"BUT Not Just Yet!"

So when someone stands at the Edge of the Precipice, going over that Quaint "Y" in the Timeline...

Over and Over and Over...

What helpful thing can you toss into the mental balance to tip the scales toward "B.' " ?

Saxon Violence
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Old 06-26-2013, 06:30 PM   #2
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fatnomore is off to a bad start

how about thinking over and over again I can do it? Just like the Little Engine that Could.
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