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Originally Posted by Soldier View Post
I don't really expect to burn any more calories by doing higher rep sets. Unfortunately, however, that's pretty much all I can do for conditioning at this point because my foot kills me if I do anything that involves repeated flexing of the calf, which means just about any conditioning movement there is.
Yes, that really sucks. it's very hard to think of ways around foot/ankle/calf problems. Rowing movements? But I always find they interfere with upper body training.

I do have to say, however, that it's actually easier to burn more calories the worse your conditioning is. If your body is less efficient than it will take more energy to do the same thing someone with better conditioning is doing. I'm probably burning a ton of calories.
What you say about efficiency makes perfect sense. For example: it's harder work to get up a flight of stairs when you're out of shape, the heart is beating faster, and so the metabolic rate is raised more. Yet I'm sure I've read stuff that says fit people have higher metabolic rates, so fit people get through more calories. I'm suffering a major logic meltdown here, I'm going to to hide in a cupboard and think about it for a while.

My shoulder feels better most of the time, but since I actually injured it benching that's really the main thing that sets it off, which SUCKS because that's really the only upper body movement I care about.
Could you learn to love overhead pressing? For a bit?

Anyway, great start to the new program.
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