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Mind and Motivation This forum is for the cultivation of motivation, inner health, spiritual health and mental strength.

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Originally Posted by mudrunner View Post
Would you say that you have willpower? I never used to have any. Someone would offer me something that I should not have eaten and I would stuff my face with it. But I have noticed that since I started working out and lifting I have had more will power than ever. Do you have it?
To be on a consistant workout/training schedule per week, and every month during the course of a year, and doing this through the various grinds and stresses of living life, and being able to apply the work ethic required to apply it, can be called many different names, and willpower is just one of the terms.

A large portion of our battles are inside our own heads and how we deal with the daily differences in how our body feels and reacts to various enviornmental stimuli in our living and working environment. Inside our being there is a value applied to our personal training goals, and this will be tested, and no matter how many times you quit and return, tha variables of life that causes certain stresses and reaction from the body will be the same type kindred, and one simply has no choice with it. I for sure have Willpower, but this is only one charactoristic value within my heart toward my personal goals, among the many other types in which I have to call upon, to get things accomplished.

Peace and happiness to you, and may you work dilegently, consistently toward your goal wants and needs.

Age: 53

After losing 40+ unwanted lbs:

At 152/154lbs:

At 162-168:

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