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Q&A Questions and answers with some of the top lifters on MAB.

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You answered a Q for me a few pages back . . .on nutrition . .thanks for that.

I wonder do you have any advice for me on a good program . . . . something that I could as you said " get stuck into for a year".

I am currently doing 5x5 lifts.

I am doing the following in a week;

Day 1. Bench (5x5), Box Squat ( 5x5 ), deadlift ( 3x5 ) Weighted Dips (3x5). Weighted crunches.

Day2. Box Squat ( 5x5), Standing Press ( 5x5 ) Barbell Rows ( 5x5) Weighted Wide Grip Chins ( 5x5) Plank, Glute Bridges. Ab Wheel.

Day 3 Bench ( 5x5 ) Box Squat (5x5 ) Barbell Rows ( 5x5) Arm Curls ( 3x8) weighted crunches.

I am adding 10lbs to the deadlift every week. I am adding 5lbs to the squat every 2 sessions and I am adding 5lbs to the Bench every 3 workouts or so.

I am making steady progress on each lift bar the Standing Shoulder Press . . .so i have dropped the weight on that right back and will start building slowly each week again.

I am lifting 4 years or so at this stage . . .but much of it was wasted doing bodybuilding style workouts where I stalled and stalled and stalled. I knew nothing about progressive overload and was working to failure all the time . . .I never work to failure now. ( I still work hard mind )

My 1RM's are Bench 242lbs ( these are conversions from kg, my gym is all kg's )

Deadlift 420lbs
Squat 350lbs

These are lifts I have achieved, not estimates or pipe dreams.

I am currently in a caloric deficit as I said to you in my last post. Im eating about 180g Protein a day, 50g Fats and 280g carbs.

I will be following your advice into a reasonable surplus soon, 5/6 weeks time and starting a good long gradual bulk.

Although I am loosing weight at the moment . . .down from 202lbs 6 months ago to 182lbs . .I am building strength for the last 6/ 8 weeks since I started the 5x5's Stronglifts style. . . .I cut all my weights back and built up again.

I am now lifting for 5x5 a heavy weight that before I may only have lifted for 1x6 or 1x8 as part of a pyramid. So I am doing far more work . . .

I have cut out all manner of isolation exercises, pec deck flyes, lateral shoulder raises, leg extensions etc etc.

Should I stay with this type of training long term or switch to say that early intermediate program you listed for someone else a few pages back.

Im not fussy about the prog once I get to do the big compounds a few times a week, squat, deadlift, row, bench . . .I really enjoy those lifts.

Thanks for reading
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