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Default Jerod tests out AAEFX K-Otic

First of all, let me send out a kudos to RippedinMichigan. I was excited to get an opportunity to do some supp logging, and he went above and beyond to make it happen, as well as tossing in some samples outside the logging item.

Disclaimer: I'm neither an AAEFX rep, nor am I a doctor or scientist. My statements are matters of my own opinion and do not represent the opinions of any other individuals or organizations. All statements are made with no promise of reward or fear of reprisal.

Today was my first chance to try out the K-Otic "Grape Grenade", as I received it in the mail following my last workout.

The first thing you notice when starting a new supplement is the packaging, so I'll start there. I was a little surprised at the actual size of the container. Compared to some competitors containers, this seemed quite large for a single scoop serving, but on seeing the scooper I understood why. No positive or negative to this, just different than some recent products I have tried. The label contains some pretty bold statements like "literally going to hit you fast and between the eyes", creating some hype prior to trying it. With the listed 300mg of caffeine per serving though, I suspected this would not be false. The ingredients list shows that this pre-workout actually contains some other AAEFX products, Kre-Alkalyn EFX and Karbolyn, which I consider bonus. I would have been nice to know how much, but as proprietary blends, I understand them not listing it.

The product itself is a very fine powder, with no clumps or separation like I've seen in some other PWO mixes. The smell was pleasant and sort of reminds me of candy. There is a desiccant pouch inside, and a long handled scoop for reaching the bottom of the tall container. Again, the scoop size is larger than some I've used, but considering the one scoop serving, it only makes sense. I had no problem mixing in a water bottle with the recommended 12oz of water and a few shakes.

The taste is a bit sugary, sort of what I would expect grape sweet tarts to taste like. Not overpowering, but definitely sweet. I didn't have any difficulty downing it all at once, and there was no medicine-ish aftertaste. As I do anytime I take a PWO, I started drinking more water as soon as I started lifting.

Let me preface the next part by saying that I'm quite tolerant to caffeine, and usually have a few cups of coffee a day as well as an energy drink or two on occasion. I took my K-Otic about 15 minutes prior to my workout as the label suggested and hit the gym. I didn't wind up getting any sort of "rush" or defining moment where I knew that the drink was taking effect during my workout, however, I did feel a bit more "driven". My heart rate was up quickly, and I was constantly moving around between sets. I had to catch myself when I reached the end of my planned sets for each exercise because I just felt like doing a little more. There was a fairly strong sense of euphoria, almost a buzz, while doing my heavier lifts. I didn't feel any slacking of energy at any point during my workout, and I finished at the gym still feeling ready to just move and do something. Post workout I went back to work, and never felt any crash. The whole experience was more subtle than the packaging and advertising had suggested, but there's no doubt in my mind the energy was there. Aside from the energy, I did feel a little more clarity during my workout. After a few heavy lifts I usually find myself a bit spaced out, but not this time. I was able to focus, remember exactly the sets, reps, and weights I had just used without consulting my log book, or having to pause and consciously focus on what I was thinking about. Today's impressions are all positive, and I'm looking forward to trying this out again with my next workout.

Wrap up

Packaging quality 8/10
The only downside are some big claims on the label. A little less focus on hyping the product is the only change I would make.

Mixing 10/10

Taste 9/10
Very candy-like, which is good most of the time, but I can see there being times where the sweet tooth may not be as strong and this could be a bit much.

Effects 9/10
For a product with 300mg of caffeine, and an unknown amount of beta-alanine, I got no beta tingle, and no real "rush", but the end result was great, especially not crashing afterwards.

Overall 9/10
Pretty great product so far. I'm looking forward to great things with this PWO.

I'll be leaving the actual training numbers for the training log, which is linked in my signature.
My Training Log

Personal tips that I've learned along my still short journey:

Leave your ego at the door.
Prepare. Showing up dehydrated, hungry, and tired will guarantee failure.
Be ready to fight for that grinder of a PR.
Listen and learn. Absorb everything you can, and assimilate that knowledge.

Top Gym lifts:
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