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Muscle Building and Bodybuilding Topics related to muscle building, bodybuilding, including training and fullbody workouts. If you are looking for great advice on gaining muscle this forum is for you.

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Default Advice/Input of workout plan

Right So I'm starting up a self drawn workout regime based off Norman Fey's workout plan that looks something like this:

The following is the gist of the routine, however it is subject to change both permanently (as per your advice) and transiently (contingent on my wills and whims when I'm actually at the gym).

1.) Clean & Press with a barbell – Do 12 reps and make each clean a dead-hang clean. Breathe as deeply as possible before cleaning and when pressing. - Followed by a set of 15 pullovers

2.) Bench press - Probably some moderate rep/set range contingent on how I feel, finishing off with a triple drop set.

3.) Dips (targeting triceps) – 2 sets until failure

4.) Barbell Curl + Press– 12 reps. x2 sets

5.) Hise Shrug - 20 reps

6.) Bent over row/Upright row; super-set + rest-pause style (This I might drop one depending on how long I'm taking or just put one of the exercises at the end of the workout if I lack the vitality.

7.) Lateral Raise on a bench – 20 reps with deep breathing on each rep. (perhaps I'll mix in some instinct training (if that's what it's called) and vary directionality and power to keep it fresh.

8.) Deadlift – 20 reps. Breathe in as you raise the weight and out when you let the weight down, followed with a set of light pullovers.

9.) Breathing Squat (followed by pullovers) (followed by a triple drop set of calf presses)– Using Body weight until absolute failure (question here lies in the fact that I'm inured to doing much more than my body weight do I just take the standard approach 10 squats and than employ deep breathing, or should I extend my original bout to what would be my actual maximum and then continue from their.) (or... should I just go with full weight?)

10) Weight, or Drop set Chin-ups/ Pull-ups

11)Super set of Leg Extensions/Leg Curls 2 sets

12)Triple Drop Sets on these 2 super-sets: Tricep Extension->Close grip bench press and Incline Dumbell Curls->Underhand Pull-ups.

Now I'd be shooting for doing this 3 times a week, with about an hour (including a 5-10 minute warmup) allotted to the actual workout. I'm not 100% on how the timing will work out, but I'm usually flexible and can compensate/adjust on demand. Ontop of this, I will be alternating a very brief cardio session (15 mins approximately) of boxing/running (both to the tune of intervals) 6 days a week sans sunday (my universal rest day) in addition to some high intensity ab/core work on days off from the gym). I do realize that this looks like a bit much at a cursory glance, but I haven't had time to fine tune it and such as of yet.

Now I just basically pilled in everything that I've reaped rewards from in the past and what I've been meaning to try out. At current, I'm at about 6 foot and some change, 210 pounds, 19 and a half years old and have been working out with some directionality for about 1 year a 3 months (I started at 165 pounds being what I'd considered a pretty balanced endo/mesomorph). Ultimately my goals are about 50% strength 50% mass, but I've never gone on a full body plan before so I wanted to get some input before embarking. So, if you see any fatal pitfalls and contradictions or are inclined to suggest a different plan altogether I'd be much appreciative.

Oh I guess I should put a word about my diet, I've never had a problem with being malnourished so to speak- If I'm hungry, I eat. Typically I consume 3 sold meals a day as it's what my bodies accustomed to (if I eat too many more It comes out essentially the same way it comes in if you catch my drift), some snakes, and perhaps a protein shake- I want to emphasize again I'm not worried about diet as it has never been a limiting factor in me before. What I am moderately trepid of is getting substantial sleep- currently I'm off all supplements except for pure unadulterated protein powder simply because if I ingest stimulants in conjunction with working out I'm prone to hyperadrenalism and a good nights sleep becomes about as likely as a puritan church handing out free abortions. Despite my diets lack of these supplements I actually was surprised to notice no difference in my gains over the last couple of months but, anyway I'm just prattling on right now but I'm very interested in hearing everyone's input and such.
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