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Appreciation Threads Lifter Appreciation Threads. Contains resources, pictures, workouts, videos and articles on specific lifters.

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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Eric hits a 900 pound squat at the Arnold.
Is it wrong that I'm almost as envious of his shopping cart as I am of his strength?

Originally Posted by ehubbard View Post
Power mag has an article on him and how they train. Basically they train twice a week. Yes only twice. Squats and deadlifts every other week. So that would be two squat sessions and two deadlift sessions a MONTH! Alternate between a heavy bench and light bench every other week. So again two heavy bench sessions per MONTH!!! And they pyramid from fives down to singles. So lets say you want to squat 800. 8 weeks out you take 700 for five or more reps. The kicker is they don't warn up with fives but singles so they are fresh for there top set. Again low low volume.

I wonder what the high volume high frequency crowd have to say about that...
Different strokes for different folks and all that but it does seem that a lot of exceptionally strong guys train less often than we think.

Was talking to some guy in the gym today. Told me he does 6 sessions a week of 2.5 hours a time. He looked to be carrying a lot of chub for someone that trains that often and I couldn't help but wonder how much work gets done in those 15 hours a week.
No excuses, just results.

Getting it done one session at a time.
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