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Diet Logs Keep your diet/eating plan logs here.

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Default BTB's Low Carb Log

Logging my low carb journey...feel free to ask questions.

Phase One


While I have run low carb before it was never for an extended period of time. Previously I wads eating low carb during the week and eating whatever on the weekends.

This run I am committing to low carb long term simply as an experiment. My primary reasons are to test the health benefits. My secondary reason for a long term test is to see if I lose weight while eating to satiety.

To recap I will be:
  1. Listing noticeable changes in my health.
  2. Listing weight loss/gains.

Minor Health Issues:
  • Frequent headaches
  • Sinus issues and headaches
  • Minor asthma
  • Frequent lack of deep sleep
  • General sluggishness
  • Unable to function well on less than 8 hours of sleep - feel foggy and have no energy

First 20 Days

I just completed my 20 days of low carb, which I am calling Phase One. I had a carb refeed yesterday, but kept the calories to around 2500.

During Phase One I ate until satiety, never going to bed hungry. I was not trying to diet, nor diet I think about calories at all.

My meals were very high fat, and I ate a lot of steak, pork, eggs, chicken, cheese and low carb pizza (low carb pizza crust). My snacks were usually almonds and string cheese.

Thought I allowed myself fruit, I wasn't eating much. The occasional strawberry of two. I didn't go out of the way to force myself to eat veggies like broccoli, but I did use some in combination with my meals - onions, peppers, spinach, etc.

Phase One Results

Weight. My weight dipped to 307.2 pounds. This is the lowest it has been for months. At my last meet I was 318 going in, and tried to cut weight. I nearly missed the 308 class, weighing in at 308.6.

A week after the meet my weight reached an all-time high of 322 pounds. I have been trying to cut since, but it's been 2 steps forward, one step back. Family gatherings have been minimizing my progress. Just last month, after reaching 310 the week prior, my weight had bounced back up to 318 after 2 weeks of family BBQs.

During Phase One I lost nearly 11 pounds without trying. Obviously this was a lot of intra-cellular water weight, etc., but it's still the lowest I've been in months - and without trying to diet.

Headaches. I have not had a single headache in the past 20 days, nor taken any Advil. Last night I had a carb re-feed, today I woke up with a small migraine.

Sinus Issues. No sinus headaches in the last 20 days. Could certainly be weather related or seasonal.

Asthma. No noticeable differences. Breathing easier because of the weight loss though.

Sleep. Sleeping much better. When I wake up in the middle of the night I feel very foggy and can tell I am sleeping deeply. This has been very consistent. I have not had an issue falling back asleep the last 20 days whatsoever. 20 minutes after I am awake I feel mentally alert.

Sluggishness. This has been gone. I have not felt blah, lazy, tired or sluggish during these 20 days. I am more productive at work, and feel mentally more alert.

Less Than Optimal Sleep. The days after sub-par sleep (forced to get up earlier because of kiddies/dog/whatever) are going well. I do not feel tired, am not yawning, and feel about the same as I do on days I get perfect sleep.

Today, after my carb re-feed last night, I feel sluggish, with a headache, and general lazy and unmotivated.


I did not enter this experiment expecting sleep to be better, or to feel more energy during the day. I also never expected 20 days without headaches. This could be from low-carb, or cleaning up my diet in general, though I am leaning with the low carb side. I've cut many times previously using clean diets and not seem some of these benefits. We shall see...

Whether these are tied into the low carb lifestyle or not is yet to be determined. In any case, I am sleeping the best I have slept in years, eating until satiety, losing weight, and have more energy. On to Phase Two.

Destroy That Which Destroys You

"Let bravery be thy choice, but not bravado."

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