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Originally Posted by IronManlet View Post
While I understand the underlying points of the article, and agree with a few of them, this:

"The mechanics of overhead pressing stresses the anterior and inferior glenohumeral capsule. Adding load creates an increase in stress to these structures creating laxity and functional instability which can lead to impingement and improper utilization of the rotator cuff musculature required for dynamic stabilization through an overhead movement." Maybe Lochte is unique in his ability to tolerate overhead pressing without aggravating his shoulders but in this way he would be the exception, not the rule and this (overhead pressing) is not a model to be followed by other swimmers, overhead throwing athletes or people such as fighters or football lineman whose shoulders undergo great stress.

Is pure horseshit.
From my own personal experience, benching is far worse on my body than ohp is. I can press twice a week with no discomfort at all in the joint. Benching even at 60% makes my shouldera sche horribly. I am not sure I can argue his point as to why most athletes dont need a monster press to be good at sports, but there is no way that a strong press could be detremental to a lineman.

Originally Posted by bruteforce View Post
Lets step back and look at it from a different angle. What benefit would athletes get from training like a Strongman?
There are a few strongman style events that imo can benefit any athlete.

Farmers walk: It trains the entire body to be used to holding a heavy weight and moving with it. It helps with coordination while moving with a load. It will also improve cns capacity as well as lung capacity.

Sled/Car Dragging: Whether seated or done with a harness, it will kick your ass. Develops power from a standstill and teaches you to maintain that power. Makes you focus on what you are doing and moving while breathing. Beats the hell out of your lungs.

Atlas Stones: This one is shady, but it teaches you mental toughness. A stone is unforgiving and couldnt care less if it is left on the ground or loaded onto a platform or thrown over a bar. It teaches you to deal with physical pain, I have never lifting even a small stone without at least some discomfort.

The most important aspect to me of strongman style training is confidence. Everytime I see a small car now, I know I can deadlift it. Everytime I see a dump truck, I know that with a harness and an anchored rope, I can pulll it(depending on load). I will never condone tire flipping to an athlete as the risks are far greater than the rewards(just my opinion). Making a blanket statement saying that something shouldnt be done because there is no benefits is so stupid in the world of athletics. There is a benefit in every type of exercise, even crossfit.

This article was written so that young swimmers who do not possess the physical gifts of Lochte, don't look at this training and decide that its what they should be doing because in all likelihood they are no where near the GPP levels to handle it without injury.

In regards to the clean and jerk and log press, I don't think that either of them are an appropriate choice for a swimmer. The swimmer has no need to overhead press and all the explosive qualities of the given movement can be better and more economically trained with jumping and throwing variations (the keg throws he was doing were a good choice).
I jumped on Chad a little too much for this article. He gives this explanation in his comments and it makes more sense in the proper context.
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Many more PR's to come
Youtube user name: Coachlefty

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