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Default Real Results, Pull, Squat, Press program

This progam is the latest addition to Real Results Family of Programs. This program is a collabrative effort between Steve, and myself.

The program uses a limited number of compound moves with a set rep schedule designed for strength increases. You will work the programmed moves in the order in which they are listed. This is a fullbody template worked three days a week, on a Heavy, Light, Medium schedule. There are only 5 moves in this basic program. Other versions of this program will be introduced with slight changes, but the core of the program, Pull, Squat, Press will remain. The program will require a period of conditioning before you will be able to work it to full intensity.

Deadlifts Olympic style, HLM schedule
Squats Highbar Olympic style, HLM schedule
Incline Bench, HLM schedule
Dumbell Rows, 4x6
Dips, 5x BW

The major obstacle the most people will face is going to be the amount of pulling that you will be performing during the week. Unless you have spent any serious amount of time learning how to Oympic lift, then this aspect is going to be your biggest obstacle.

Most other programs that involve any serious amount of deadlifting don’t have you pulling with the volume that this program will. This is an aspect that is central to the effectiveness of building your posterior chain strength. This is taken into account with the intensity that you will begin pulling at. The numbers may seem low, but don’t be fooled by this, you’re going to be worked hard.

The weekly schedule
Pull, squat, and press. Those three main moves will be worked on an identical set rep schedule through the week. The deadlifts will be worked at a lower overall percent of max than the other two. Even so, you will need time to work into the volume.

Deadlifts will be pulled at 45, 50, 60, 65 percent of estimated max. It is better to start out too light rather than too heavy. Don’t let your ego get the better of you, and pull too heavy of a weight.

Squats, and pressing will be done at 50, 60, 70, 80 percent of estimated max. Again, it is better to start out too light rather than too heavy.

Weekly, daily schedule of sets and reps:

Warmup sets
1x5, 1x5, 1x3

4x3Hvy 2x3Lgt 3x3Med


Monday Heavy day
1x5 1x5 1x3 4x3

Wednesday Light day
1x5 1x5 1x3 2x3*

Friday Medium day
1x5 1x5 1x3 3x3*

• On Wednesday and Friday it is not important to finish the final set if you are not able too. The heavy day work of Monday is the important day to finish all of your work sets.

The two assistance moves. are run straight across the week with no real changes to their scheme.

Dumbell rows 4x6
Dips 5x Bodyweight

Performance considerations

For the three main moves it would be a good idea to start out below 80 percent for the top worksets, and allow a few weeks to build into the program. The compound effect of pulling and squatting together will be a new experience for all but a few. Consider working your top sets at the same weight as your third set to start out. This will have you work at 60 percent for deadlifts, and 70 percent for squatting and pressing. I would also advise that you not add weight to the pulling section for at least a few weeks. I would not add weight aggressively to the pulling section when you do. 5lbs at a time will be plenty of weight to add. If you do add more, then take this into account for your squat worksets. They will be harder to perform. Just allow for this and realize that one affects the other.

I would run the squat cycle initially for about 8 weeks. After that I would run cycles of about 6 weeks. You don’t need to hit a new 1 rep Pr each 6 weeks. Instead try for a new top workset better than the one you had 6 weeks ago. By working smart and managing your intensity you should be able to utilize this progression scheme for a long time. There will be additions and articles on various aspects of performing this program in the near future. There are variations of the basic moves that can be added to the program to supplement the basic version of the program. The base version of the program will take you a long way, but allowing for some flexibility is useful in many regards.

Additonal variations to the program will be posted shortly.

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