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Originally Posted by Fazc View Post
A couple of minor points related to what BtB is pointing out:

1) Your arch is great when you set up however that quickly flattens out during the set. This needs to be corrected. A good spotter can help you keep an arch by providing a solid hand off. If you do not have that luxury then you'll just have to concentrate on keeping that arch throughout your set.

2) It doesn't appear that your shoulders are set correctly. They really need to be driven right into the bench as you take the bar out and maintained in that position. As you take the bar out, you shoulders should be pushed back into the bench and your lats support your arms.

Both of the above points are causing you to lose considerable tightness as you press back up. You can see how this effects your bar speed on the way up, you stall strongly in the middle. A little stall is inevitable but this can be improved on and will translate to a better press down the line.

I don't neccesarily agree with Co-Ops recommendations to have your feet that far back just yet. He is describing a relatively advanced technique which may not be neccesary yet while you're building a foundation and can actually retard progress long term. A solid foot position and arch is just fine for now and should allow balanced development rather than a short term boost in pressing power.

EDIT - Deads were fine, put some weight on the bar.
Great points, I did not know that was an advanced technique, im definetly no advanced so maybe ill have them more in front nextime, and maintain my arch/shoulders/back tightness
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