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Nutrition, Diet and Supplements Discuss nutrition, diet, cutting and weight loss. Supplement discussions as well.

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Default Refeed answers needed ASAP (within 1hr)

Right its Hk CKD refeed tomorrow most people do a 1 day 7 half. I do not bother i just pick one day however last two weeks it has been chaos, as i eat crap because i cannot decide what excactly to do. here are my two options:

option 1:
I could do what Dave Palumbo does & have one cheat meal at the end of the night (not going over 500g of carbs) which bascially is a starter, main course & dessert. while keeping a CKD diet.

option 2
then there is this option I need about 500-600 carbs if i times my bofy weight i get Roughly 154 pounds x 16 is my maintaining calories. Now I times this by o.2 to get 20% where i should over feed to this limit which is 3000 or as Lyle McDonald recommends 50 percent which is 3600 calories.

now if i go for option 2 i space 500 carbs out evenly throughout the day which i am going to use a example i have bought:

wholewheat pasta
organic oats

organic pasta sauce ( 400g = 200 calories carbs: 25 sugars: 10g)
I am going to use this as my bad food & its not really bad as it contains:
organic tomato juice (81%)
organic tomato puree (9%)
organic basil (2.5%)
organic garlic puree, Organic raw cane sugar, Organic extra virgin oil, Organic Oregano, Concentrated lemon juice, seat salt & finally Organic Black pepper

then rest is meats etc, Turkey & eggs


I am going to weigh everything now as i am out later which is why i need an answer asap

Roughly i will be doing something like this spacing out the sauce throughout 4 dishs:
100carbs of wholewheat pasta 500 calories
2nd meal: 100 carbs of pasta 500 calories
3rd meal 100 carbs of pasta (5pm) 500 calories
4th meal 100 carbs of pasta 500 calories
5th meal chickepeas 2 can (maybe) 550 calories
6th meal: maybe that can or lentils 200 calories

roughly 2750 calories + 200 calories from sauce 2950
then the extra 500 will be steak, eggs & turkey.

what you think?

I might only use 50 carbs on my 4th meal and one can on my 5th meal to up protein & to try some porridge what you think.

I have ate shit the last 3 weeks & want to nail this day to perfection.

however i have had brilliant results regardless of eating crap.

let me now asap i am leaving in 1hours time

supps will be:
Black coffee
lemon juice
lime juice

thanks for reading what you think?
My only idol in this realm is the man in the mirror and even he has to prove himself on a daily basis
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1hr, answers, asap, needed, refeed

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