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Exercise Database Exercise videos and information for all major movements and bodyparts.

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Default Incline Bench Skullcrushers

Incline Bench Skullcrushers

Muscle Group: Triceps
Secondary Muscle Groups: None
Exercise: Isolation Exercise
Movement: EZ Bar, Barbell
Mechanics: Push

How to perform Incline Bench Skullcrushers.

Setup for the incline skullcrusher by setting an incline bench to around 30-45 degrees and selecting a barbell you want to use. Sit down on the bench with the barbell across your thighs. Grasp the barbell with an overhand grip (palms facing down) with your hands slightly closer than shoulder width apart. Lay back on the bench and hold the barbell straight up in the air with your arms fully extended. Bend the arms slightly to take up the tension in your triceps. This is the starting position for the exercise. Keeping your elbows completely fixed in place, slowly lower the bar down until it's almost touching your forehead. Pause, the slowly extend the arms back up to the starting position. Don't lock your arms, then repeat for desired reps.
Incline Bench Skullcrushers Videos:


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