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Default Incorporating fullbody and speed, Mike's next routine

OK, time for me to figure out what my next routine is going to be, and I’m open to some suggestions/thoughts.

My goals by Dec.2012 are: Raise Squat, Bench, and Deadlift numbers in the main, but also I want to increase my C+P to BW or above. I also want to figure a way to add dynamic lifts to my squat and bench, because speed works well for me. When I get the bar moving, I am much better, so I need to incorporate that as it hides my inherent weakness in just flat out butt strength.

However, I don’t want to do straight up Westside template, because I want to squat 3 times a week and I want to do cleans pretty much every day too. Also, I want to work the lift itself more often and not isolation movements or variations so much. Not the least important is that I can pretty much only count on getting to the gym M-W-F for the forseeable future, maybe a Saturday, but even that’s doubtful. Four days midweek are out completely.

Anyway, my thoughts have led me to design a few routines based around fullbody which is what I want to go back to anyway, none of which are perfect, but I thought it might be fun to hash out the pros and cons of each and see where this gets us.

A few parameters: I want to base it around squats, 3 times a week. It’s my worst lift and I want to make it much better or die trying. I also want to work my back as much or more than my pushes as I think that is a weakness too. At minimum, a pull with every push and as often as possible they match row for bench, chinup for OHP, etc.

Also, most fullbodies avoid a max single, but I think at least once a week for each big 3 lift, you should hit a max single then backoff for the work sets. But, for me, deadlifting should maybe only be once a week as I apparently don’t recover from max efforts on those very quickly, although maybe that would change if I did them more often(?), nor do I want to do speed work with them as my form is suspect to begin with, and for the most part I think cleans handle the power aspect of that lift.

So, that said, here’s my ideas:
A fullbody w/ some Westside dynamics:
Mon Wed Fri
C+OHP 3x3 P. Snatch 3x3 C+PP 5x 3
Squat 1x1, 3-5 @90% Squat 5x5 ramping to 85% Speed Squat 8x 3
Bench 1x1, 3-5@90% DB bench or floor press 5x 10 Speed Bench 8x3
Row 5x5 across DB row 5x 12 Row 5x 10
BNP 5x 8-10 OHP 5x5, 1x 5 PP PP 2x1, OHP 5x5
Chinups 5x5 Pullups 5x 3 NG pull-ups 5x5
Deadlifts 1x 1, 10 in 10 min.
*Could shift speed bench to Mon and max to Fri. maybe?

Sort of an HLM Dan John type, every plane worked everyday, routine:
C+OHP (L) C+PP (H) C+OHP (M)
Squat (H) Squat (L) Squat (M)
Bench (H) Bench (L) Bench (M)
Row (H) Row (L) Row (M)
Chinup (M) Chinup(H) Chinup (L)
RDL (L) Stiff DL (M) Deadlift (H)

*H=100% singles or doubles +backoffs, M=speed workout for Squat and Bench, 90% for a few triples with no backoffs for everything else, L=75-80% 5-10 reps/set period, except SLDL and RDL which are 5 reps at most.

I also thought maybe a simple ABA might be best, but then putting speed in was sporadic and I don’t think I’m benching enough (3 times in 2 weeks).

High Pulls 3x 3 C+OHP 1x 1, 3x3 P Snatch 1x 1, 3x3
Squat 1x 1, 5x 3 Front Squat 1x1, 3x3 Squat 3x 20 rep goal
Bench 1x 1, 5x 3 Deadlift 1x1,10 in 10 m. Bench 3x 20 rep goal
Row 5x 8-10 Pullups 5x max Row 5x 30 rep goal
Chinups 5x max Dips 5x max Chinups 5x 5
OHP 5x 8-10 PP 3x 1, 1x 3

C+PP 1x 1, 3x 3 Front Squat 1x 1, 3x 3 C+OHP 1x 1, 3x 3
Squat 1x 1, 5x 3 Bench 1x 1, 5x 5 Squat 5x 5 across
Stiff Deadlift 3x 5 across Row 5x 10 Deadlift 5x 1, 3x 5 across
Pullup 5x 3 Chinup 5x 5 + weight Pullup 12 for time, 4x max
Dips 5x 10 + weight OHP 5x 5 ramping Dips 5x 5 +weight

All have a basic progression, you hit the reps, you add weight, or as your max increases, so does your backoffs by percentage.

Anyway, none are perfect. And I have variations of those as well, it seems I love to make workout routines maybe more than I actually like to do the work!  But I just feel like there’s a perfect routine out there, and I can’t quite grasp it. Anyway, I’d love to hear your ideas/criticisms regardless.

Yes, I could just do a tried and true method like Wendler’s, Westside, etc. But, I’m not sure I want to. A lot of those are purely about getting a big powerlifting total, and while I do want that, I also want to be all around strong and reasonably fit as well. Let’s face it, I’m not going to be setting records most likely, but I do have goals for being overall strong, able to do any major lift decently.

I have no interest in rocking a monster bench, but then I can’t do a pullup for example. I want to be strong front and back, minimize weaknesses as much as possible.

There you go. I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of this.

Edit: I posted this from word, so obviously all my word columns got crunched. Hopefully, you can figure it out, or maybe some computer god can save me from myself and make this readable! Man, I am just not very technical at all!!
I am Anton Zdravko Martin!

Best meet lifts: Sq 150 Kg (330 lb), Bench 120 Kg (264), DL 160 (352) @89 Kg (197)
Best gym lifts: Sq 375, Bench 280 (pause), DL 385 @205 or less
Goals: 3/4/5 while healthy and fit
"Hack away at anything which isn't essential. Do what you love, and do it often." Fazc.
"Everything competes for recovery so more assistance is not always the best idea." miked96
"Squat:15 sets of 3 with 150Kg
Deadlift:15 sets of 3 with 150Kg
It's not rocket science." Big Swede

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