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BendtheBar 02-08-2012 09:28 AM

Brandon Cass Deadlift Challenge

Brandon Cass “$5,000 Says I’m the Strongest Deadlifter in the World at 225lbs Body Weight or Less!”


(Disclaimer: This challenge is being issued in the spirit of what powerlifting needs more of; elite level COMPETITION!)

This last weekend, Brandon “C4″ Cass contacted our promotional offer to issue forth a $5,000 challenge to the middleweight powerlifting world to face him at MHP’s HERCULES 2012 (Clash of the Titans) Hardcore Powerlifting deadlift competition, which will take place at The Ronnie Coleman Classic Expo in Mesquite/Dallas, Texas on March 31st.

This offer is open to anyone and everyone 225 pounds body weight or lighter. If you’d like to contest Cass’ claim to be the strongest middleweight deadlifter on Planet Earth, then you’re welcome to put up anywhere from $1,000 (minimum) to $5,000 and Brandon will gladly match your personal wager. So, for example, if three other deadlifters take C4 up on the maximum $5,000 pot, then each powerlifter would be risking $5,000 of their own cash and the biggest deadlifter in the lot will walk away with $20,000 in winnings!

To further clarify; Anyone who can make 225lbs or less with a same day weigh-in is welcome to be a part of this direct challenge. (The heavyweights will all be battling for the guaranteed $9,000 in prize money being put up by Hardcore Powerlifting’s sponsors and that’s totally separate from this deadlifting specific wager.) The winner will be the deadlifter who pulls the most weight outright. The winner will NOT be picked by formula and not via pound-for-pound. It’s Brandon Cass’ claim that no one in the world, weighing 225 pounds or less, can deadlift more weight than he can.

Anyone who disagrees with Cass’ claim to be the undisputed # 1 in the deadlifting world has until March 1st to formally accept this challenge. Our business office can be reached by emailing or on Facebook at Sean Katterle | Facebook or by calling us at 1.503.221.2238 in Portland, Oregon USA. Contenders can also contact Brandon Cass directly at Personal Training & Nutrition Plans By Cass Strength

The judges for this Texas pro show will be Ken Anderson (head official), Jim Snodgrass (alternate head official and side judge) and Kenny Dinolfo (side judge.)

The equipment will consist of Texas Strength Systems platform, a Texas deadlift bar and Ivanko weight plates and collars.

Professional photographers, Doug Jantz and Josh Winsor will be on deck covering the action on film and on HD video (and from multiple video camera angles) plus The Ronnie Coleman Classic Expo routinely sells 3,000 tickets to their one day Texas tradeshow so this contest will be witnessed by a large audience and expertly covered by the media.

Hardcore Powerlifting promotes and produces real, legit, classic powerlifting competitions. The deadlifts will not be hitched and they’ll be fully locked out.

Deadlifting super suits are NOT allowed. Lifting straps are NOT allowed.

Hardcore Powerlifting does NOT engage in drug testing and the politics that go with it.

The weigh-ins are the same day as the actual contest.

Please note: The $1,000 to $5,000 challenge is between Brandon Cass and any individual(s) who choose to accept his personal wager. The money will be secured by the competitors themselves and at their own words and verification. Hardcore Powerlifting is already putting up $17,000 (thanks to,, and Jeff Everson’s Planet Muscle Magazine) over the course of our two 2012 Spring shows (Ronnie Coleman Classic and Emerald Cup Expo.) So, this $5,000 personal challenge is separate and in addition to the $17,000 already on the table for whomever can claim it.

Any lifters interested in being a part of the Texas or Washington line-ups are welcome to contact our main office at , Hardcore Powerlifting , 1(503)221-2238

Again, anyone who selects to take Brandon Cass up on his “Strongest in the world” claim-to-fame must officially be registered to deadlift at MHP’s HERCULES 2012 no later than March 2nd.

J_Byrd 02-08-2012 09:47 AM

Now that is brave!

LtL 02-08-2012 09:58 AM



Off Road 02-08-2012 09:59 AM

Big balls...I like it.
Put up or shutup.

BendtheBar 02-08-2012 10:46 AM

All I need to do is lose 75 pounds and add 175 pounds to my deadlift.

Be right back....

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