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Default Core Stability/Strengthening for the Squat.

I'm currently struggling to increase my Squat. The biggest problem I have isn't a lack of hip or leg strength, but I lack of core/midsection stability.
When I drop down into the bottom part of a squat (with maximal loads) the weight is forcing me to far forward. I just can't keep my torso up. I squat low bar and I understand that some lean is to be expected, but this I believe is going beyond the normal mechanics of the movement.

I believe the problem is my core/ab/midsection strength. It just feels like this is the weak link when I am performing this lift.

My question is:
What assistance exercise(s) do you guys recommend to specifically increase core strength and stability for the Squat?

I currently do 3 sets of 8 weighted crunches on the decline bench and 3 sets of max (currently 15, once I do 3 sets of 15 I'll bump it up to 16 and so on) with just bodyweight. I do these 2 movements on different days. I only do ab work twice a week, one day weighted, the next just bodyweight.

My thoughts are maybe I need to switch out the bodyweight crunches with something else or I need to add ab/core work a 3rd time a week.
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