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BendtheBar 01-12-2012 10:32 AM

Lexen squat cycle - Chuck Vogelpohl
Clif's from a conversation on the Lexen squat cycle.

What is the cycle?


chuckv said: 2010.02.17 18:31

I will try to explain a typical meet cycle for team xtreme.

First, we begin with a basic squat cycle which consists of stabilizing work for
3 weeks using chains which hang from the bar (not touching the ground). This will help build your core and will help stabilize you for the squat. Sometimes this is done with a box and sometimes without. Keep in mind, most of our squats are done while wearing briefs.

Next, for 4 weeks we use the lightened method in which we hang the bands from the Monolift so the weight can be overloaded to get us ready for our meet opener which is done about 7 weeks out from the meet with full gear.

Next, we have a de-load week where we condition and donít go heavy. Some members choose to do nothing during this time.

Then, we do a 3 week circamax using the bands tied to the bottom of the Monolift in order to create resistance. The first week we use a heavy band, wearing briefs only with suit on and straps down and work up to a heavy double. The next week is the same set up only we work up to a heavy single with full gear. The last week is a de-load week working up to around 60 Ė 70% of your opener in full gear.

Lastly, we take the week off because it is the week before the meet. Nothing is done this week. Just rest.

We only train in 12 week cycles for meets. Also, all heavy deadlifts are done on the same day whether it be rack pulls, band resistance pulls from the floor, or build up on pads from the floor (wide or close stance). Followed by hypers and ab work. Keep in mind, each group (there are 4 groups at Lexen) has different cycles and different methods with proven results for each method. I have only explained the team extreme cycle. The other members donít reveal their methods as they are experimental.

A while back Chuck posted on the lexen site about their squat cycle. My question is about the reverse band work. How is this structured? Any other elaborations?

by Brandon Lilly

We do 3 week waves progressive overload style, some waves we wave resistance week to week, sometimes we wave gear (week 1 briefs only, week 2 suit only, week 3 full gear.) We usually incorporate reverse bands on one to two heavy sets during weeks 2 and 3 to overload us a little bit. If you still have questions feel free to ask as I answered this on my phone and can go more in depth on my computer later.

Interesting...Chuck said that the reverse band work was leading up to an opener which is right around 7 weeks out. Do you guys still do that? I would love more details if you want to put it up.

are you just squatting 1x per week then have another day dedicated to lower body accessory? Or do you do light squats on that day as well?

very cool training cycle, that stability work with the chains off the ground sounds very difficult I think im going to give it a go soon.

J_Byrd 01-12-2012 10:43 AM

Two things stand out to me from this.

1. Chains off the ground for stablization work. I think that would really fry the core if you were walking the squats out as well.

2. They are hitting a opener 7weeks out with a reverse band. Not sure what strength band that would be, but 7 weeks is a long way out to me. I do something similar with a 3rd attempt, but about 3 weeks out.

LtL 01-12-2012 10:53 AM

Chuck's training is an evolution of Westside having trained there for 20 years. They have some Westside elements such as circa max work but Chuck is also a fan of making exercises ludicrously difficult, hence the hanging chain squats they mention above. Chuck has a lot of weird exercises they do.

If someone can link to Brandon Lilly's YouTube channel, he has some recent footage on there from Chuck and the other Lexen guys.


BendtheBar 01-12-2012 10:55 AM


Originally Posted by J_Byrd (Post 206857)

1. Chains off the ground for stablization work. I think that would really fry the core if you were walking the squats out as well.

My ghetto chains are suspended. Walkouts are definitely interesting in a good way. Really enjoyed squatting with suspended weight the weeks I used them. The chains also get you pretty good in between reps.

BendtheBar 01-12-2012 11:20 PM


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