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big_swede 11-19-2011 07:20 AM

Strong legs for World Recors (WSBB)

Training Strong Legs for World Records
By: Louie Simmons
It was around 1970, and I was reading Muscle Power Builder and articles by
members of Westside Barbell in Culver City, CA. George Frenn was discussing
how important strong legs were to breaking squat records. He recommended
several exercises and methods that he and Bill "Peanuts" West had developed
over the years. They pushed box squatting on different height boxes, good
mornings, and even calf work to develop their immense back strength. They were
responsible for the first 800 pound squat, by Pat Casey.
I realized they knew what they were doing. An old friend, Roger Estep, made
the trip to Culver City and gained priceless knowledge. He brought back what he
learned and shared it with a West Virginia group, later known as the Wild Bunch:
Luke Iams, Jack Wilson, Chuckie Dunbar, and the rest of the guys in New
Martinsville, WV. After talking to Roger, I was convinced.
About 30 years later, we at Westside in Columbus, OH, continue to improve on
what Bill West's boys were doing by adding science and technology to the
We know that the best way to squat is to box squat, but what about building
brute leg strength?
Belt Squatting: this requires a special belt-squat belt. The weight hangs from the
belt, allowing only the lower body to do the work. You may have seen our belt
squat machine in our squat video. Belt squats can also be done on an incline;
don't lock out your legs.
Incline Squats: do these with a MantaRay or on a flat surface.
Safety Squat Bar: do these on an incline or on a flat surface.
Regular Barbell Squats
Front Squats - Free Squats: do these for high reps: 50-500 reps.
Hindu Squats: this is a variety of wrestling squat.
One-Legged Squat: do these with on leg supported behind you on a bench. This
is also called a sprinter's squat. You can also hold on to a support for a little
resistance. The hardest one-legged squat is done by balancing yourself
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