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Default New Routine?

Feel awkward saying this, but I sort of want a new routine. I really like 5/3/1, but I feel like I have more linear progression in me. Current tested maxes are

Squat - 265
Bench - 215
Deadlift - 435
Push Press - 175

Bodyweight 252 and dropping
Height - 6'5"

Movements I want are

Squat - Squat, Box Squat, Front Squat
Push - Push Press, BTN Press, Bench Press
Pull - Deadlift, Pull-up/chinup, power clean
Other - Sled drags, tire flips, farmers walk
Anything else that will make me brutally strong

I like HEAVY weight. More than 5 reps and I get bored. 3 is nice.

I need conditioning and hate doing it. Hopefully tire flips and sled drags will help, and I will be committing to walking 30 minutes a day 6 days a week at a decent pace, between 3 and 4 MPH. I NEED to drop another 20 pounds. Then I can commit myself to another 40# bulk and get as strong as possible.

The problem is, I don't know how to put these together, or what else to add for Strongman. I've been toying with running a 3 day targeted full body with strong man focus on a 4th day (weekend), something like

Monday 3-5 reps, 3-4 sets at working weight.
Power Clean

Anello deadlift?
Push Press
Chins BW x 20, as many sets as it takes
Dips BW x 15, as many sets as it takes

Power Clean 3-5 reps, 3-4 sets at working weight.
Front Squat (maybe 5-8 reps?)
Bench 5-8 reps? maybe none?

Clean and Press
Farmers Walk
Tire Flip

This is by no means perfect, finished, or even a good idea, just something I was toying with. I just don't think I've run out of linear progression and want to progress as fast as I can. I know most of you guys can write great routines, and I am all ears and will put everything I have into whatever will work best. Again, the only problem I have with 5/3/1 is that I think I could still progress with straight linear if I did it correctly.
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