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Default Looking for program ideas

With my deadlift at 308 and squat at 308 and bench at estimated 230 odd(though I am very unsure of that as it's based on 176x10), I am above the 810 limit for Class IV but well shy of the 932 for Class III. Quite why I am bothered with this is a bit odd as I have no plans to enter a meet, these numbers are just another method of motivation.

Anyways, I am new to powerlifting though I have a solid enough base in general weightlifting. This means I should in theory, have plenty of room for improvement. I am doing 5/3/1 but after I come back from vacation (in 5-6 weeks time) I will be looking for a program that takes advantage of my newbie status. 5/3/1 is awesome and I will definitely return to it.

I was thinking of base cycles of Smolov for Squat, Deadlift and Bench though one after the other (not at the same time as that would be stupid).

Was just wondering if anyone has program ideas that will get results over 12 months though I assume most programs are in cycles of 12 weeks of thereabouts. Not looking for a quick fix though any program that gives me those much talked about newbie gains is welcome. Would love to total over the 932 mark (and beyond as far as possible) well before my 30th bday which is at the end of March. I am around 193 pounds last I checked and would like to remain under 198 if possible.

Basically I would like to improve my big 3 and get strong all over. I have plenty of abdominal fat (bodyfat around 21%) but am not looking for a six pack, just a firm midsection, firm chest etc. and generally a body that doesn't make me look like a slob.

Hope the M&S crew can help out as any assistance is appreciated. Sadly, my gym is not a powerlifting one and there are none anywhere near me. This means it's hit and miss whether or not I get the squat rack on any given day though I usually get access to it once the bodybuilders are done with the arm curls Actually, it's not a bad gym at all though I wish there was more space for powerlifting moves.

I should also mention that as I work from home, I have more or less limitless time to train and am more than prepared to push extremely bloody hard!

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