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big_swede 07-15-2011 04:37 PM

EPA: Competition Squat

Starting Position
This is probably the most important of all in execution of this lift because to start wrong is to invite
failure. In powerlifting once you have adopted the starting position you will not have another
opportunity to adjust your stance. Whilst the bar is still on the stands the lifter must adopt the
correct position of his or her hands on the bar. The distance between the hands will depend on the
lifter’s wrist, elbow and shoulder flexibility. Those lifters with good flexibility in these joints will
be able to take a narrow grip. This close hand spacing will allow the trapezius muscles to bunch up,
which will allow the bar to rest without aggravating the upper vertebrae. Furthermore, with the
hands in tight, the lifter will be able to push out the chest and, thereby, counteract the tendency of
the torso to bend forward excessively while the squat is being executed.

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