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big_swede 04-13-2011 05:43 PM

Lifting shoes article
Good article!

Why Weightlifting Shoes?

MikeM 04-20-2011 12:55 AM

This article was very helpful to me, but beyond that I know I need some weightlifting shoes and am having trouble finding some.

I have osteo arthritis in my right ankle which prevents more than about 30% flex in that ankle and right now I am lifting in running shoes. Now, that doesn't sound too bad and it works in most squat variations, but when I go deep with any heavy back squat, I torque to the left and put more stress on my left knee/quad, and worse I then lean forward to save my position of power which brings my back into the equation, which is very likely to maximize my weight before I actually feel like I've maximized my ability. So you can see my concern.

SO, the greater heel height of a shoe would help me for sure, as it lessens the load on my weaker ankle joint. I'm confident in my leg strength and it's ability to grow properly. But how high do I need to go to maximize my potential? .5? .75? And more importantly how much money? I'd pay top dollar for the right shoe that lasts a year or two or hopefully more, but begrudge every cent spent on the wrong shoe (meaning I would have to buy another after that one failed).

So, I'm thinking the Rogue/Rip with it's .5 lift, quality construction, and obvious bent towards my preferred strength lifts; or maybe another .75 model that would be a higher lift and better fit for my ankle while I am experimenting, but many of them seem shoddy and likely to need replacing sooner rather than later.

Beyond that, it is shocking to me that I can't find proper shoes anywhere! You can find stores for left handed banjo players easier than you can find local Olympic lifting supply stores! Seriously, This is a concern for me as a member of the human race, much less a stength athlete!

Plus, I'd much rather go into a store and try some shoes on rather than hunt and peck on the internet. I live in Columbia Maryland, is there some serious weightlifting store anywhere near here? I'd drive there for sure, let me know if you are better/more knowledgable about searching than I am.

Thanks in advance!

LtL 04-20-2011 03:44 AM

Nice find Swede


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