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BigTallOx 04-11-2011 10:37 PM

Strongman contest preparation
It looks like I'm doing Arizona's Strongest Man on May 7th. We've had a pretty cool spring this year, to give an idea of how cool, last week (April 3-9 ) I probably got about 30" of snow at my house ( as it fell, temps were mostly above freezing so the most that was in the yard was probably about 8"). Snow's all gone now, but days still barely break 60F, if that. The show is outside, and I think the average temp down in Phoenix for early May is low 90's. That's going to be a pretty big change for me given our weather lately. Do any of you guys out there who compete in strongman do anything special to adapt to stuff like that. I'm worried it's going to negatively affect my performance. Any advice will be appreciated.

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