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big_swede 03-30-2011 05:27 PM

Jim Wendler warmup advice!

Squat Training and How to Warm-up
There is a significant difference in my training when I do a proper warm-up - this was not always the case. And for those of you that still fall into this category, use and abuse it! Warming up sucks - it is boring, saps testosterone and seems to take forever.

Those of you who have heard me speak at seminars recently have heard me talk about the timeline of training and overtraining. Right now it seems that I need to spend more time on warm-ing up than I originally thought. The proof is in the training. Last week I had an AWFUL squat workout and everything sucked - and after the workout I knew what needed to be done; better preparation for the training. Even if all I did was squat that day, it's best that I have a GREAT squat workout after an amazing warm-up, then just average-to-awful OVERALL workout. I'll sacrifice training time for training quality ANY DAY.

So after a really good warm-up (detailed below) here was my training:

Squat - worked up to 525x3 (this was not planned but couldn't believe how easy everything was. Plus, this was done with the Rehband knee sleeves which offer much less support and rebound than the EFS knee sleeves.)

Power Clean - worked up to 275x almost 2 reps - just missed the second rep. These are done with the prerequisite Wendler Bad PC Form which is pretty much a Muscled Up Clean. But 2 reps, with this style, would be an all-time personal record.

So here was the warm-up that I did.

* Prowler Walk - 4x40 yards with 90lbs. Strides were as long as I could get it and I DID NOT jog or run with it.

* PVC Pipe - IT band, hamstrings, adductors and piriformis.

* Band Stretches - for hamstrings and hips

* Hip Flexor Stretch - best if done with someone lifting up your back leg

* Piriformis and Hip Stretch

* Leg Swings and Circles - do as many as you need to get loose.

You can hold each stretch for as long as you want - if in doubt do 3 sets of 10 seconds. This is just one of many different warm-up routines I recommend - the important thing is to just do something
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I agree, whenever I really take my time to warm up properly, my sessions flow smoother and weight moves up. Its worth the extra time!

LtL 03-30-2011 05:31 PM

Saw this after my non event warm up yesterday. Warmed up like a demon tonight: BIG difference. Winners warm-up. FACT.


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