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BendtheBar 10-18-2010 04:45 PM

I Don't Like Deadlifts and Squats
A rant. please excuse my obnoxiousness...

I am really growing tired of lifters saying they don't like deadlifts and squats. I don't like them either. I also don't like hard work, taxes or taking out the garbage.

Truth be told I like to sit on my ass.

I don't like squats and deadlifts. They are mentally and physically difficult. I do them anyway because this is weight training and they are the two top lifts.

If I want to hit a baseball I can choose a bat or a twig. If I want to enter a drag race I can use a dragster or a bicycle. And if I want to get big and strong I can use squats and deadlifts or leg curls and pull downs.

In all of the above examples, each will "functionally" do the job. But some are more efficient then others.

Please, just gird up your testicles and do the damn lifts.

PCT 10-18-2010 04:55 PM

i love squats

big_swede 10-18-2010 05:00 PM

I hate the benchpress, which is why i will start doing it more often.
"Fint your least favorable lift: Check. Get good at it: Check."

BendtheBar 10-18-2010 05:00 PM

I hope no one with an injury, etc., takes offense to this post. I'm not trying to call out anyone that works hard, even if they don't squat or deadlift.

My problem is with guys just starting out who won't try them and who make excuses. Trying to find the easy way won't lead to success. This is a cancer that goes beyond squats and deadlifts, and that is my larger point.

PCT 10-18-2010 05:15 PM

One of the guys I train with off and on says "I got a bad back man" when i tell him "squat to atleast parrell bro, get better gains that way"... he does go lower than most anyone else i have seen do squats at my gym... but then when we deadlift (yes he can deadlift with the bad back:thefinger:) he will pull some weight with horrible form and not complain about his back... pisses me off... he just doesnt wanna drop the weight... he does the same with db presses...

nighttrain 10-18-2010 05:30 PM

i love dead lifts..... no so much on the squats but..................


glwanabe 10-18-2010 05:44 PM

For the Men:

Squats and deadlifts put hair on your chest and make your balls bigger. If thats not a reason to do them then I don't what is.

For the Women:

Squats and deadlifts make your tits bigger, and your ass smaller. If thats not a reason to do them, then I don't know what is.

ricka182 10-18-2010 07:58 PM

Amen Steve... I used to be of one of those. I thought leg press was the ****, and bench was overrated. Aside from being unable to use the stairs, I actually love squats. One of my favorites, along with bench. And of course, teh curlz are always a good lift. As for deadlifts, I hate the lift, but I love being to lift it, and more.... if that makes any sense.. :biglifter::march::biglifter:

Bodybygamma 10-18-2010 08:07 PM


Originally Posted by BendtheBar (Post 87437)
Please, just gird up your testicles and do the damn lifts.

Hell yeah! I hate hate hate Squatting!!! Yet it is becoming my most up and coming lift. I love love love deadlifting, but I prob work it the least out of everything because I am already strong at it. People need to learn how to MTFU!


DMedley 10-18-2010 10:34 PM

I am one of those folks with a bad back, 30 years worth of bad back. One of the reasons I got so out of condition a few years ago was from not using my back.

Fast forward ... Today I do both squats and deadlifts ( light weights and strange progressions) and the back is getting stronger and more flexible. With time and determination (getting over the fear) my squat and deadlift will increase. If a person can not do back squats, then do front squats. If your back can not stand the compression, do trap bar squats or belt squats. There are also many varieties of deadlift also including trap bar deadlifts. If you seek, you will find.

Everything in life offers choices. A person can choose to search out why they cannot or they can search for how to do. There is a choice.

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