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Default 100% Raw American Challenge

Dear Lifters,
The American Challenge is rapidly approaching so make sure to get your entries in. The deadline is June 1st so if your interested and you have not sent in your entry form you will need to call your regional meet director to see if he is taking late entries. The meet directors usually will give you a few days to get your forms in after the deadline date before a late fee is charged or refusal to the meet takes place. This weekend the Nebraska regional will take place so if you live in that region you will need to contact Ed Horwitz ASAP if you would like to participate in this historical event. All the rest of the meets will take place next week on June 12th so please hurry so you don't get left out. As of now there are 305 lifters registered across the country for this event. With a late rush I can see us hitting 350-400 lifters.

This will be the largest meet ever in the history of 100% RAW Powerlifting Federation beating last year’s Single-Lift Worlds in Norfolk, VA that had 225 lifters in the 2 day event. This year we decided to try a format that no other federation has ever tried. The main reason is the economy, with so many people in our country hurting by the recession we have tried to help alleviate the travel costs by bringing the meet closer to home for you. With 8 locations around the country the final results will be very prestigious. This meet is not about the awards but mainly who is the real National Champion. With so many federations and dealing with a recession how many lifters would come to a national meet in 1 location maybe 50-100? This meet is expected to have 300-400 in the final results. You will place in your own regional event and then at the end of the day when all the results are in you will see how you compare with the rest of the country pending drug testing results.

This is a Sanction III event meaning you can set or break state, national and world records on this day. All age groups and weight classes will follow normal event regulations and lifters will be broken in accordance to these categories. We have some big names coming out to compete in this event and we will try to post them on our website weekly with updates starting in about a week or two. I know we will have the Worlds #1 pound for pound strongest Drug Free RAW bencher Dennis Cieri of New Jersey. I am not sure what location he will compete at but if you have a chance to share the same platform with him that would be an honor in itself. He has been on the front cover of PLUSA many times and is a multiple IPF World Champion. The banner on the front page is the shirt design we will use and it will have all the locations printed on the front with the date. The custom medals will also be the same design. The back of the shirt will read “Where the real National Champions are crowned”. This means for our federation and I do not want to disrespect any other organization out there as you all have very strong lifters as well. This purely is meant for our federation 100% RAW. Make sure you pre-order your shirts as each meet director will be ordering them in and not buying many extras so do not miss out. These will be done by Egad’s Screen printing in Elizabeth City, NC. These are the guys who have been making the awesome artwork we have been using over the years.

This meet is about prestige not awards as I already stated. The custom medals are awesome but what means the most is finding out you won a weight class with 30 other lifters from around our country in it. Now we will have something special for the bench press only. We will give out best lifters awards for the bench only division in the following weight classes and divisions (132, 148, 165, 181, 198, 220, 242, 275, 275+, female, teen, master 1 40-49, master 2 50-59, master 3 (60 plus). This is what I am committing to right now. If the (female, teen, master 1 40-49, master 2 50-59, master 3 60 plus) has many more lifters than expected then we may add a light and heavy to each division depending on participation. We may even add a police/fire/military division as well. It all depends on the amount of interest so if you have a chance to cross over you may want to do so. As of now I am not committing to the deadlift and curl lifts. Again if the turnout is overwhelming in these lifts I will also have best lifter awards in these lifts. It will not be as many as the bench maybe a lightweight and heavyweight for each or a master, maybe even a female as well. It all comes down to how many lifters will attend in each lift meaning bench, deadlift and curl. I really hope that the interest in the deadlift and curl will warrant best lifter awards as I would love to give those lifters an opportunity as well.

For the best lifter awards here is what we have planned. It has a total worth of $325 for each person winning this award.

1. Free entry to the world championships. ($75)

2. Free custom national champion personalized plaque ($50)

3. Free 100% RAW Team USA warm up suit. ($175)

4. Free shipping on this as well ($25)

Any lifter winning their class or age group but does not win the overall best lifter are welcome to purchase the custom national champion personalized plaque and the 100% RAW Team USA warm-ups as well. These will be available for all lifters winning their classes and age groups. Any 1st place no matter of how many participants in that class are welcome to purchase these awards as well.

I look forward in seeing you lift with us at this special event. If you have any questions please e-mail me and I will return your e-mail as soon as possible.

Summer Schedule

This summer we will have a very busy August. On July 31-August 1 we will be in Canada for the Western Canadian Nationals in Calgary. The next week on August 7 we will have our American Challenge Powerlifting taking place in Arizona and Maryland. On August 21 there will be the Quad state powerlifting championships in Ohio and on August 28 in Derry, NH there will be a single lift event taking place.

June 05, 2010 NE American Challenge Omaha, NE Ed Horwitz Entry Form
June 12, 2010 AZ American Challenge Prescott, AZ Paul Gillott
Contact Paul Entry Form
June 12, 2010 NC American Challenge Barco, NC Dan Corridean
Contact Dan Entry Form
June 12, 2010 NASF Carolina Open Body Building
& Figure Championships Elizabeth City, NC Paul Bossi
Contact Paul Entry Form
June 12, 2010 NJ American Challenge Pitman, NJ Mike Binkley
Contact Mike Entry Form
June 12, 2010 NV American Challenge Las Vegas, NV Dustin Newsom
Contact Dustin Entry Form
June 12, 2010 VA American Challenge Gordonsville, VA John Shifflett
Contact John Entry Form
June 12, 2010 VT American Challenge Burlington, VT Bret Kernoff
Contact Bret Entry Form
July 31, 2010 Western Canadian Powerlifting
& Bench National Championships Calgary, AB Paul Bossi
Contact Paul Entry Form
August 01, 2010 Western Canadian Powerlifting
& Bench National Championships Calgary, AB Paul Bossi
Contact Paul Entry Form

These meets below will have entry forms posted very soon.

The next week on August 7 we will have our American Challenge Powerlifting taking place in Arizona and Maryland.

On August 21 there will be the Quad state powerlifting championships in Ohio.

August 28 in Derry, NH there will be a single lift event taking place.

Other News
Congratulations to Raymond Classing, Sr for representing 100% RAW Powerlifting Federation in Russia and winning the gold medal in April at the WDFPF World Championships. He benched in Russia not curled. This is the only Picture I have at this time.

The North Carolina State Powerlifting Championships will take place on June 12th in conjunction with the American Challenge. Come watch the comeback of Elite lifter Big Dan Corridean and Big Papi Pat McMillan going for his 1st ever Elite total in the 275lb class.

Will Thomas Dillard get his 800lb deadlift?

Robert Herring lb for lb the strongest drug free deadlifter in the World. 751lbs @ 181lb class. Will we see Robert smash the World record again on this day?

The Master rankings are posted for 2010. The 2009 rankings are being worked on since our Master rankings chairman stopped doing them without notice. Peter Hubbard has taking over the role of Master Rankings chairman. The 2009 rankings are final and certificates are available for anyone looking to purchase one. Just send an e-mail to and inquire about the rankings certificate.

All records have been updated. If you do not see your states records please inform us asap. All World and National records are being updated by Hunter Claypatch who has been updating after each meet. He posts them as soon as the drug testing results come back. You can contact Hunter at if you have any questions in regards the records.

International News
100% RAW has just held 3 events in Europe and Asia over the past month. Many thanks to Arian Salarian for his hard work and dedication for promoting the 100% RAW Powerlifting Federation in these parts of the World. He has played a huge role in helping 100% RAW find chairmen in China, ASIA, Europe. With his hard work and dedication he is looking for a venue to hold the 1st ever 100% RAW World Powerlifting Championships outside the USA in 2011. We will update our lifters as soon as we can confirm this information.

The results from the Serbia National Championships, Armenian Championships and Ukraine event will be posted soon. I hope to have this information posted within a week for everyone to view the results and hope to have the rankings updated with the lifters from these events as well and the National records for those countries.

100% RAW Powerlifting Federation, Inc.
139 Marlas Way
Camden, NC 27921
President - Paul Bossi

Destroy That Which Destroys You

"Let bravery be thy choice, but not bravado."

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