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Default Lyle McDonald vs. Mark Rippetoe

**** You, Mark

I went out of my way to try to schedule coming up to Witchita Falls to do the podcast interview. When the scheduling changed, it was actually out of my way (taking me the wrong direction from where I was travelling) to come up. But I said I would do it and I was going to.

So imagine my surprise to get a pathetically worded email from you last night that 'since this is out of hand' and you 'don't feel comfortable doing an interview', I should make other traveling plans.

You've ****ed my entire trip. And why? Because sa bunch of your illiterate nutswinging forumites took something I said totally out of context and started a war with me.

And because you have clearly reached that point in the game where you are above criticism. So instead of facing whatever I had to say like a man, you punked out like a slackjawed faggot (to use a Texas phrase). Pathetic, just pathetic.

We both know that yoru claims about Zach's results are total bull****. If he gained that much muscle, that means that Starting Strenght + GOMAD is BETTER THAN ****ING STEROIDS. I mean, **** that's as bad as T-nation.

And those squat numbers? Where's the video to show that his form is anything but ****? I got lots of excuses on the support forum but we both know that what coaches say and what happens in the gym isn't the same. You put up other video so why haven't you shown Zach's awesome squat form with 345X5 or whatever it is?

I'll tell you why, b/c you know it sucks. You could prove me wrong in about 5 minutes but you won't. And you couldn't deal with me in an interview because you know deep down you're full of ****ing ****.

But instead of being a man, you ****ed my entire trip by cancelling like a little bitch. I fully expect you to delete this thread and ban me from the forum. That's what folks like you start doing when they can't handle the heat (note that NONE of your retarded little forum people have been banned from my forum). But you'll ban me and delete this before too many people see it. That's what you've become: a pathetic old man who can't handle criticism of any sort.

I still think Starting Strength and Practical Programming are good books.

Go **** yourself, Mark.

Destroy That Which Destroys You

"Let bravery be thy choice, but not bravado."

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lyle, mark, mcdonald, rippetoe

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