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Powerlifting & Strength Training Topics related to powerlifting and strength training.

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Default My approach on Training

From my message conversation with Steve at Facebook:

Well, I (and most of my friends) use mostly an upper body/lower body split, 3 times/week (week 1: A-off-B-off-A-off-off, week 2: B-off-A-off-B-off-off etc) or 4 times/week (on-on-off-on-off-on-off).
Also, mostly, we have 2 exercise choices of each program (1 exercise per muscle a day), for example A1-B1-A2-B2 days (DC has 3 choices, sometimes we also).

We use 1 main set per exercise, if it's with high intensity method/technique, like Conventional Rest-Pauses like DC, like Rest-Pauses 5/4/3/2/1 or 4/3/2/1 or 3/2/1, like Drop sets, and sometimes a mix of them.
Also we use straight sets, mostly 2-3/exercise, or more if its with contrast load or waves.

We don't go to failure always, i go this way mostly, 1 of 3 workouts per exercise/muscle group.
I don't go often at failure at the big compound exercises, when I use failure it's mostly with "smaller" muscle groups and exercises, like delts, arms.
This means, I use mostly 5/4/3/2/1 or 4/3/2/1 etc or straight sets for the big muscles and exercises, and conventional rest-pauses, drop sets etc with failure and beyond failure at the smaller groups and exercises.

The 5/4/3/2/1 rest-pauses doesn't have to be at every mini set with failure.
For example, we use 8-10RM for sets with 5/4/3/2/1.
Failure at this comes mostly at the last mini set/sets.

We also use cluster sets, like Thibadeau describes and like you describe I think at bulldozer training.
Thibs clusters are only with single reps (1/1/1/1/1) up only to 5 total reps.
But we also do doubles and triples, sometimes 4s and 5s (rare) for clusters, like 2/2/2/2 or 3/3/3, but not for total 20 reps when its with low rep brackets.

Also, we use power-lifting techniques, like DE with box squats etc., but we have also (for power) Olympic lift drills, and mostly work with them as DE or clusters.
Always, we try to progress with any kind of sets we use, and sometimes in between we have and back off days or deloading, and it goes mostly by feeling, instinctive, impulsive (for me).
I am not like a 25 year old man anymore, my recovery ability is not the same as then.


The rest periods (between mini-sets or parts of a rest-pause set) are about 15-20 sec, and sometimes if its hard up to 20-30 sec

The negatives are just controlled, I don't use either slow negatives, maybe sometimes rarely.

I don't like high volume either.
Maybe sometimes I have high volume in an exercise, but the total volume of the training day remains low or medium.
One reason for this is that we use mostly upper/lower split and each muscle is trained every 4-5 days, and sometimes every 3 days, when we use this split for 4 days/week.

I forgot to mention, that I use lately alternating sets between antagonist muscles.
It's easy to do when the split is upper body/lower body.

I called our system B.i.Z.Z. Training (if it's a system on its own).
"BRaWNy'S intense Zig Zag Training"

The zig zag is for the split, day 1 is zig, day 2 is zag, and when its with 2 exercise choices, it goes zig1, zag1, zig2, zag2.
Sometimes we use also 3 choices (3 "Z" days), so it goes zig1, zag1, zig2, zag2, zig3, zag 3.

The split is upper/lower but not every time, I had also divided a little bit different, something like DC (but different, because I don't agree with DCs bodypart splits), and it looks:
Back width
Front Delts
Back thickness

Posterior chain (Hams. glutes)
Upper Traps
Side Delts
sometimes we use lesser bodyparts at a day or little different the split, and this is regulated according individually and exercise selection for each muscle group.
One reason, to avoid as much possible overlapping.

I think side delts and upper traps (now I always do traps as a posterior chain muscle group and with lower body, with RDLs, Shrugs, Power shrugs and the Olympic power drills), could be done a different day of upper body and with lesser overlapping as other muscles, like biceps.
DC has biceps with lower body, and the biceps are strongly involved with almost every pull-up/pull-down and rowing movement, so there is an overlapping.
I can't train biceps 2 days after back or 2 days before, but with side delts and upper traps its easier.
Also, we use every Dead lift variation with the lower body day, and because Dead lift involves strongly the back (thickness), and for the most there is an overlap again, we have an extra day of rest between a day with dead lift and a day with back thickness, etc
At a DC split, sometimes there is Dead lift for back thickness and 2 days later a quad, glute and a ham exercise, I think this is also difficult to handle.

But he split can be regulated in anyway someone prefers.
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