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Default 2014 RPS Cincy Fall Throwdown

2014 RPS Cincy Fall Throwdown put on by Rivercity Barbell
Cincinnati, OH
September 20, 2014

This meet was a good 2 hours from my house so my wife and I decided to head down the night before and stay in a hotel. They offered Friday weigh-ins and I was planning on doing this but changed my mind when I realized traffic was a mess right around rush hour when we arrived in town. I wasnít really worried about my weight but you never know I guess itís just a mental block you like to get off your chest and not have to worry about. Wife and I went out and had a nice dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory (carb loading for me haha) on fri night and did a little shopping. Headed back to the hotel to get a good nightís sleep because we were gonna have to get up pretty early (not really that early for us anyway) to get on the road and get weighed in.
The meet was being put on my Rivercity Barbell and the place they had the meet was in like an old warehouse with pretty much nothing but space and a couple bathrooms. No air conditioning just a couple barn fans with the main door open to let some fresh air in. The temps were pretty mild for the day outside but as the day went on it got very muggy and warm in the lifting area. Meet day on Sat. and we arrived about 7:20am (weigh-in was from 7-8). Not a problem I think I weighed in at like 192.2 lol but I have been up towards 197 in the last few weeks. I had signed up for the 198lb Amateur-raw classic class in the sub-master (ages 33-39) category. I knew beforehand I would be the only lifter in my class but itís not surprising with only limiting the meet to 50 lifters (they actually had 55). They had a lifters meeting that was supposed to be from 8-9am and lifting started at 9 but that stuff usually doesnít go as planned and it didnít but was no biggie I was just eager to see how this all went down haha.
The plan was to go in 3 different flights throughout the day which was basically based on weight lifted to start out with. Then based on your next lift you might be moved around in your flight but would still stay in your same flight for the day. I was in flight 1 and to start things off with the squat they were using a mono lift which I have never used before let alone even seen one in person lol. Nice thing is you donít have to walk it out (you could if you wanted) but I always have so it was a little weird not having to.
I set my squat opener at 335 which was a little lower than I originally was going to but with being my first meet, different equipment and atmosphere I didnít want to bomb it out on my first lift. Something else I was a little nervous about was hitting my correct depth I have always squatted in front of a mirror so I know if I am at the correct depth. My opener I hit no problem but the funny thing is I could barely get the bar off the hooks as the bar height was set a little higher than I had thought. I fixed that for my next attempts haha. For my 2nd attempt I decided to go with 365 which I have hit in the gym no problem months ago but somewhat struggled a few weeks ago grinding it out. 365 went up well and I knew I was gonna step it up on my 3rd attempt. I kept telling myself not to get to ahead and just try to hit all my lifts cause you donít get a do over. I set my 3rd attempt at 385 which is the best gym PR I had to date. I hit it pretty well but when I was coming up I did hit a little stall but got it on up. All in all I was very happy with my squats I exceeded what I thought was going to happen. After I was done with squat they had another 2 flights to go thru so I knew it was going to be a while before bench. It took about 3 hours I think to get thru all the squats and then a half-hour break before bench I was already feeling a little sore and tight from just sitting around.
On to bench I set my first attempt at 245 which was pretty easy for me but some people donít realize how much different it is with a pause not to mention you have to wait for 3 commands in this fedÖbench, pause and rack so it can feel like forever. I made a little jump on my 2nd attempt of 265 which I have hit several times before in the gym but in reality knew it was at the top of what I could do on any given day. I nailed 265 and really felt it went up well so I decided to go for broke on my 3rd attempt of 285 which would have been a +10lb PR. Knowing that if I didnít hit the 285 I was still satisfied with the 265 I had already hit. I didnít get the 3rd attempt of 285 but walking away with the experience alone was worth it. After my 3rd attempt I must have tweaked my back a little and one of my calves was a little cramped but nothing that I was gonna let get me down just hoped it wasnít gonna get much worse before deads. It took some time once again to get thru all 3 flights of bench before heading to deads.
By the time the deadlight rolled around everyone was getting a second wind and getting wound up as well as myself. Anyone that lifts heavy deads on a continuous basis knows how pulling some big weight can boost your ego haha. I had already set my opener at 415 which was a no brainer it felt really well thr whole way thru. I already knew going into my 2nd attempt that I needed 450 to hit an even 1100 for the day which was my goal in the beginning. So I figured if I nailed 450 on my 2nd that anything else I got on my 3rd attempt would be icing on the cake. 450 went up easy and I was jacked to the moon in back! I decided to dial in 475 for my 3rd attempt which would be a +10lb PR and put me at 1125 for the day. I didnít want to get to aggressive and think I could get much more than that. 475 went up pretty well I didnít struggle to lock it out like some people did. I was more than ecstatic how my deads turned out especially for being such a long day waiting for so long between the lifts.
All in all I had a really great time at my fist meet. I went 8 for 9 and totaled 1125 which exceeded my expectations. It did seem like forever tho we didnít get out of there until a little after 8pm. The people that put on the meet as well as most of the fellow lifters were very helpful and sincere all day. I feel even better about the choices I made and how I went about this meet being my myself without a coach (or powerlifting group) like most people seem to have. There were several people that werenít hitting even there 2nd attempts which seemed a little odd to me but there arenít any room for mistakes once you lift the bar.
I wouldnít say that I am hooked but would I like to do another one? Of course I wouldÖI had fun and would like another chance to make myself better with bigger PRís. I donít have any set plans or know of any local event as of yet for the spring of 2015 but weíll see what happens.
Opener - 335 - good
2nd - 355 - good
3rd - 385 - good
Paused Bench Press
Opener - 245 - good
2nd - 265 - good
3rd - 285 - no good
Opener - 415 - good
2nd - 450 - good
3rd - 475 - good
1125 total


Itís not about the amount of sets and reps you do, itís about how much effort you put into each set

Best Meet Results
Squat: 385
Bench: 265
Deadlift: 475
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Great results for your first meet Bdub!! Now you have to lift in a meet if you want new PRs since gym lifts are no longer valid haha
Meet PR's
Squat 205 (451.94) 11/16/2014
Bench 142.5 (314.16) 4/2014
Dead 227.5 (501.55) 11/16/2014
Total 572.5 (1,262.13) 11/16/2014
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I understand the squatting in the mirror. I started turning around in the squat rack and about fell on my ass. Good job.
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