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spiritthief 10-03-2013 10:40 AM

The Lifter Droid

I will be starting a final year project at the university (me being IT guy). I was thinking about an Android app. The concept is that I would connect my phone to a blue-tooth heartbeat sensor , and show the current BPM on the screen all the time, while recording it into a flat file which would be later synced to a Google Drive account to make it available for further analysis.

This is the sensor of choice. (predominantly because there is NO app coming with this and is compatible with most of the existing fitness apps which makes the coding a tad bit easier due to the conventions)

Additional functionality would be drawing a graph for the last X minutes, and the ability to set BPM baselines in order to facilitate a Green/Amber/Red semaphore system.

i.e. After a workout you would know what is your max heart rate when you are doing a heavy squat set. That would be your top, and depending if you want to do growth focused sets or high intensity sets, you could set a bottom BPM or a percentage, and a little light on the phone would go from Red to Green when your heart rate goes below the specified limit so you could start you next set.

My questions here are somewhat theoritical
- Would you wear a strap while working out to learn a bit more about yourself?
- I know there is tons of fitness apps out there, but they are mainly for running/cycling. If your answer is yes to the previous question, what extra / different functionality would you like to see in an application which is geared towards aiding bodbybuilding / powerlifting / strongman type excercise?

I have not commited to do this yet, so ANY feedback or idea is really welcome.

Thanks in advance

BendtheBar 10-03-2013 01:50 PM

I'd love to see a sensor that could monitor rep speed for each rep of a set, eccentric and concentric.

spiritthief 10-03-2013 05:41 PM


Originally Posted by BendtheBar (Post 413189)
I'd love to see a sensor that could monitor rep speed for each rep of a set, eccentric and concentric.

You just gave me a brilliant idea. Look at this.

- 3 axis accelerometer
- 3 axis Rate Gyroscope
- 3 axis compass

The only thing required is a little piece of rubber or velcro to strapp it onto the bar, and there you go, 265Hz filter refresh, meaning 4 measurements of all of the above per second. It might be enough to recreate both the time you spent, and the trajectory the bar was moving.

I will see if I can get one of these free for research purposes :D

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