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As per request from some of the members here, this is the program that I am using.

The Trident: 3 Days, 3 lifts, 3 weeks

We train 3 days per week, one main lift per day, on a three-week rotation.

Week 1 is Volume Week. 5x5 or 3x5, depending on your weight selection and how you feel.

Week 2 is triples. Work up to a max triple or do 3x3, again depending on weight selection and how you are feeling that day.

Week 3 is doubles/singles. Work up to a heavy double or a heavy single, or do 3x2 or 3x1. This is also dictated by how you are feeling, but is influenced more so than the other weeks by how far out from a meet you are. Maybe stick with doubles from 10 weeks out, then switch to singles until 5 weeks out, then hold at doubles at a slightly lower weight until 2 weeks out, then start over after the meet.

We train on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

Wednesday is Squat, Friday is Bench, and Sunday is Deadlift, using the template above.

On Squat days, it could be free squats, box squats (yes, we are raw lifters), Front Squats, Olympic Squats, or Good Mornings.

On Bench days, it could be regular bench, close-grips, floor press, or board press.

On Deadlift days, it might be floor pulls, 4-inch block pulls, 6-inch block pulls, or deficit pulls.

For accessory movements, we usually do accessory exercises that are NOT directly related to the main movement. For example, we might do Squats as a main movement and Overhead Press as an accessory. We like to use accessory movements each training day to address weaknesses. If it is Bench Day and I feel that my glutes and hamstrings were weak last Squat day, I might Bench and then do SLDLs for an accessory.

Accessory movements we rotate in frequently are Overhead Press, Meadows Rows, SLDLs, pull-ups/chins, RDLs, barbell rows, Kroc Rows, and the occasional curl.

This is an intermediate/advanced template since it requires the lifter to be aware of their own abilities and limits each training day (you have to choose your own training max each day and avoid injury) and to be aware of your own weaknesses (choose your own accessory movements and be willing to do the movements you NEED to do rather than the ones you LIKE to do). We rotate programs from time to time, just like every successful lifter does. This program is our "home base" and we tend to stay on this one for longer than any other. We do NOT use this as a peaking program, though.

Coach Mike Adams

This is from my coach and all credit is due to him for making huge strides in my deadlift here as of lately. Hope this helps out you guys!
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