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Default 531 and Volume

This is just a quick post about my thoughts regarding 531 and the lack of volume on the main lifts.

I did 531 from September of 2011 to around April of 2012. I made some pretty good progress on every lift EXCEPT for the bench press. Part of that was technique related. However, I've noticed a few things for each of the main 4 lifts since I have started lifting again. I didn't really follow a set a program. I really like the 4 days a week plan, so I have kept that ever since September of 2011 while occasionally adding in power clean days for a few weeks if I feel like it. Whatever, for a teenage kid, at least myself(I guess I'm 20 now, but I digress) the volume was simply not enough when it came to the main lifts. MAYBE with the Boring But Big template, but I never tried that. I did the trimuviate template. In that time, I added around 60 lbs to my squat and around 70-80 to my deadlift if I remember correctly. I also added about 20-30 lbs to my military press and a whopping 10 lbs to my bench press. We're talking 10 lbs in a 7 month period.

What about in the last few months? I've added around 30 to my bench from my old max(Set in earlier 2012) since March. I'm not any heavier than I was. I've also added 20-25 lbs on my squat, about 5-10 on my military press and a good 50 lbs on my deadlift since I was at my heaviest weight of 210 lbs in August of 2012. I'm now 203 lbs and having been lifting hard and consistently again since March. I didn't really lift from August of 2012 until February of 2013. I tried a few times, but I was too embarrassed working with such small weights again. (Trust me, struggling to do 3x5 with 185 on the squat is much more embarrassing the second time around)

What have I done differently? I simply added more volume around the heavier weights. More reps and more sets. I really like 531, but I don't think it is that great for a young adult male. I've got a decent bit of hormones going I'm sure, I can recover pretty well, and keeping the volume pretty low on my main lifts only proved to have held me back. Especially for the bench press. Of course, we're all different, but I would say that for many young guys out there too, a higher volume would be better. Now, if you're benching in the 300's or higher for reps regularly, the reduced volume is probably good, but come on...200 lbs on the bench press isn't heavy(even if it feels heavy) unless you weight 100 lbs.

There's not a lot to this post other than just expression of thoughts. Can we get a discussion going on this? Feel free to argue. Maybe I did 531 wrong.
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