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BigManBigLiftin 05-10-2013 11:50 PM

One of the greats - epitome of humble.
After training/mobility tonight, I was on facebook reading the status updates.. (wow that sounded High school girlish lol) Everyone by now knows I train with Al Caslow, his (status) was one of them I read.

"True story, not bragging.... I sat next to a MMA athlete on my flight from ABQ to DFW. Tons of q&a about MMA then we exchanged names and his only question was "the Al Caslow? The Powerlifter?" Blew my mind... I had to say no, had no clue how to react. Just thought that was beyond flattering."

This man has a resume that most of us can only dream bout touching - and every time I train with him, it blows me away. Accomplished so much, and still is - and yet he is this humble (all the time!). He truly has set a respectable, and very honorable standard for us newcomers, and amateurs of this sport to maintain.

KCStrongmanben 05-11-2013 12:54 AM

He's an awesome and very open man. It's fantastic to have someone like him in the sport

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