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Default Anyone Running the CUBE METHOD?

I'm finishing up a year of running 5/3/1. It's been pretty good, but somethings are suffuring... I was looking at Westside, but I've been lifting for a long time and before I lifted more like a BB.. Using DC for years and FST-7 hybrids at the end with great results.

5/3/1 was great, but my progress quickly slowed down this last couple of rounds....

I was doing this starting on Sunday..

Day 1 - Deadlifts
Day 2 - Bench
Day 3 - OHP
Day 4- Squat

This worked great I thought for a while. Deadlifts improved, but squats went down.. So I switched those two Days... Squats improved, but deads went down... I just noticed everything kind of sliding backwards.But after reading about the CUBE..I like the rotation of ME days and such.

Something 5/3/1 doesn't use. Also the Bodybuilding Day to... Gives me a time to Superset, Gaint sets, etc... Something I missed doing.

Brandon Lilly says he likes his weeks like this..
Sun - BodyBuilding
Tue - Deadlifts
Wed - OFF
Thur - Bench
Fri - OFF
Sat - Squats

But I have Church on Sundays twice and my Kids have games on most Saturdays.. So that kills that. I would miss or feel rushed every week..

So I want to try this..

Sun - OFF
Mon - Deadlifts
Tue - Bench
Wed - OFF
Thur - Squat
Fri - Bodybuilding Day
Sat - OFF

Then depending on how my ME Days fall. I would do Sled Drags, Hill Sprints, Box Jumps etc... on Wed or if my ME for Squats fall on Thur. I would try and squeeze these in on the weekend.. Sine I can do these at home..

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