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One area that I think is overlook in this debate is the fiber types.
It has been established that over time you can change your ratio of Slow(type I) Fast (IIa) Super-fast (IIx) muscle fibers. Now look at the relationship to speed work is in regards to the respective lifts.
I look at this question with a question.
If you have a sprinter who's training is limited to just one type of resistance training. Is this perceived optimum training covering all facets necessary to this individual to make him faster more explosive.
I think we will find optimum training varies to the individual thus why the strong beliefs on both sides of this theory.

Speed wk is the nearest equivalent to poly work. In respect to fiber types some people already have a better ratio of IIa & IIx fiber type thus see less benefit to speed training hence the divided consensus.

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To me, it seems slightly silly to pull one aspect out of a training system and analyze it by itself. Nit picking at speed work (in this sense, not plyometrics) while ignoring other characteristics of "Westside" training is a bit much. If one simply adds speed work into their current program, when they aren't following the principles of the whole training system, it probably won't work well.

I'm fairly certain that the percents most people use when doing their "speed" work is grossly reduced compared to what is actually used by members of Westside. Some of their speed work is heavy as fuck when you add in the accommodating resistance. Hell, if you're not using accommodating resistance, you should be using like 70%-80% of your max anyway, which is still pretty heavy.

Lastly, I don't think the Mike T article is even really disputing ANYTHING about the training system that speed work is involved in, but simply stating (with empirical evidence) that the force produced through lower percentages is not actually as high as the force produced through higher percentages of your 1RM.

PS: On a personal note, I didn't see many gains at all through Westside principles as a raw lifter. However, there are many who have, and there are many who have had those gains DRUG FREE...So don't start that lol. I personally don't believe it's an optimal system, but I tried it a long time ago, and I think I could make it work a lot better now.
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