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Fatboyjay 03-15-2013 05:44 PM

My 5/3/1 evolution
I'll try to not be long winded but its allot to explain. (This is cut and pasted from the M&S forum but I'm posting it here because y'all seem more powerlifting minded here.)

I've been hitting up the 5/3/1 BBB template with one or two accessory exercises. I'm starting to evolve my training but keeping to the core components of the program. I always do the 5/3/1 sets according to the wave I'm on and I deload every time, I don't skip this as many claim to do. I've seen good gains with only a few stalls but I attribute that to my grueling work schedule. So I'll start by going over each day.

military after my working sets I do the BBB on these. I like the hypertrophy of the 10x5. I do switch it up from week to week with a barbell press, dumbbell press and kettle bell snatches. For accessory I do shrugs or overhead shrugs. I don't stress this day as much because its not part of the big three rather an accompanying exercise.

deadlift after working sets I am gonna stop doing the BBB sets because of the back pump and I don't believe I need that much volume on my back. Instead I'll do either goodmornings or romainian deadlift 5x5 and for accessory I'll do back extensions with weights (usually go hard on this one, up to 75lbs for 10x5) or reverse hyper machine or kettle bell swings or farmer carry. I watch this day closely and back off if I feel pain (it was recently suggested I try snatch grip deads, any opinions on this)

bench after working set I do the BBB sets but I either do close grip or dumbbell bench. I use either dumb bell row or barbell row and tricep push downs for this accessory session and I try to go as heavy and high volume as I can with these accessory s. I also do dips sometimes but only occasionally.

Squat after these I do the BBB sets but I am doing either the goblet, front or back squat for the BBB. I am slowly introducing the overhead squat as well but that's still a trial as I am staying light. For accessory I'm doing either the standing cable crunch or the dumbbell side bends.

Also I'd like to note that on wave C I do ramp up max effort singles after my working sets. I only do this once a cycle and I sometimes back off if I feel necasary.
After every workout I stretch and walk for a cool off. So what do you think of my version of the 5/3/1? I'd like to hear your feed back.

Off Road 03-15-2013 06:01 PM


Originally Posted by Fatboyjay (Post 337073)
I've seen good gains with only a few stalls
I'd like to hear your feed back.

Nothing to change then. Carry on. . .

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