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Default 3 day routine,cant sleep

Mind is going too fast,must post this or else I forget and its lost forever.

Me wanna train 3 days instead of 4 so I have more time for other things other days.

9 (?) Basic movements I love.

Heavy ass squats
Dynamic squats
Heavy ass benching
Dynamic benching
Good mornings
Power shrugs
Horizontal & Vertical rows


Monday - Heavy Squats + Heavy Bench + Rows

Wednesday - Good Mornings + Clean&Press + Power Shrugs

Friday - Deadlift + DE Squats + DE Bench

Upside is,more time. Sleep,cardio,martial arts (something I've neglected and I miss)

Freaking downside is,these sessions could last 90 minutes or more. Maybe,I could be exgagerating. Either way,by the time I get to the end,I might be too tired. Rows on squat day? Cleans after good mornings? Squats after deads? Although,some say it feels good to do rows after deads,would it apply the same to squats. I posted this to another forum but I can't copy/pase worth crap on this phone.

Feedback? Is I crazy or half smart?

BTW I still got 9 months to go with this half baked Westside bastard child,although it may end up just 3 more months. Shoot,this is my 3 and a half month mark on this routine. I barely get it done on Thursday. The more I think about it,I may start something new in January. But I gotta stick to it for at least 4 months.
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day, routine, sleep

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