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MattyBoy 10-26-2012 08:47 PM

Help preparing for first competition.
So I decided to do my first competition on march 2nd. Right now my lifts are pathetic. I have about 4 months to be less pathetic. My bench is 225/ squat 245+/deadlift 315. I think I can add about 80# +/- by then. My plan is:
Monday- Bench and Squat

Wednesday- Bent over row/ SLDL/ Standing BB press/ BB curls (in the squat rack)/ Calf Raises

Friday- Close Grip Bench/ Deadlifts

I'm doing it this way to optimize the time on my primary lifts. On my primary lifts I plan on stepping into my max then dropping down and doing 90% of that for reps. For example : Bar 5x/ 135 3x/ 225 1 x/ 315 1x/ 350 1x/ 315 for reps (if it worked out that way.

On my support movements ill do 3 set of 3-5 reps and stepping up in weight when I can do all three sets for 5 reps. Except my SLDLS and curls ill do a weight I can do 8-10 reps for 3 sets

For my diet I plan to eat pretty clean, but eat big. I will try to get a lot of sleep.

Ryano 10-26-2012 09:14 PM


Originally Posted by MattyBoy (Post 287968)
/ BB curls (in the squat rack)/

This is illegal in 48 states.

BendtheBar 10-27-2012 07:47 AM

Good luck MB. A couple things I would recommend.

1) Do squats before bench and deads before CGs.

2) Consider reworking your program something similar to:

--Monday, Squat and bench
--Wednesday, Deads, OHP, Rows
--Friday, Squat and CGBP

Right now I think you need more squat reps, and I think a second benching day with extra rep work would be beneficial.

On Monday squats I would like to see something like a 3x5 working sets, and on Friday at least a new attempt at a PR triple. Something along those lines.

Would a structure like the one above work for you?

MattyBoy 10-27-2012 07:59 AM

That looks great. I'll do it. I had planned to work on support work this morning. My week got all messed up so I did a M Th Sat. I'll do what I planed today, but I'm going to take it a little easy. I'll start your program Monday. I'll be looking forwards to Fridas like Christmas :) . Thanks a lot

MattyBoy 10-27-2012 08:14 AM

Let me see if this is what you meant, and if the rest looks good to you

Monday: Squat 3 set of 5 reps/. Bench 3 sets of 6-8

Wednesdays: Deads work in sets up to max drop down and do 90% for reps 3 x 2-3. OHP 3 sets of 3-5/ Rows 3 x 5

Friday: on both movements work up sets to max (when I say max I mean PR) drop down to 90% of that for reps 3 x 2-3

MattyBoy 10-27-2012 08:19 AM

One more question: should I use the same squat stance on my Deadlifts as I do my squat. I use a wider stance on my squat. My toes touch the power rack, but its not as wide as alot of sumo stances i see. I'd have to pull between my legs instead of on the outside.

elijah 10-27-2012 08:39 AM

Hey Matty, don't mean to derail this thread but where is he competition at? I'm in UT and have a hard time finding competitions. Oh and my take on your question, I deadlift conventional. Feet inside of shoulders and I squat feet at shoulder width. I am a raw lifter.

MattyBoy 10-27-2012 08:43 AM I was hoping MAB person would be there :)

elijah 10-27-2012 08:56 AM

AWESOME. I should be able to make this. I live down in Utah county. How about you?

MattyBoy 10-27-2012 10:39 AM

I live in Uinta county WY

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