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Default Meet Results - IPA CT State Open

2012 IPA Connecticut State Open Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships

Drove up to New Haven the morning of the meet and weighed in at 295 lbs (about 5 lbs down from my morning scale weight at home). I didn't think much of it, but this was the first sign that I needed to get some fluids in. The IPA changed their rules this week to allow knee wraps or sleeves in the raw division. I brought my sleeves so I gladly put them on for my last few warmups.


Warmups went OK. Took 435 as a last warmup and decided that was enough.

525 lbs - Good Lift
5 lb meet PR

575 lbs - Good Lift
55 lb meet PR
This one went up with some really good speed, but my hamstring and back were feeling it already so I went to 605 on a third

605 lbs - Good Lift
85 lb meet PR
The video is angled so it looks high. Hips shot up fast and got a little forward but got it with room to spare


Unfortunately there were no competition spec benches at this meet, so the ones on the platform and in the gym/warmup area were a few inches low. I tried tucking my feet but couldn't get comfortable. I warmed up to 315, and lowered my opener by 20 lbs because I had to setup differentlly.

335 lbs - Good Lift
Couldn't get comfortable on the bench and some mild hamstring cramping started to set in.

370 lbs - Good Lift
20 lb Meet PR
I managed to find a spot for my feet slightly tucked, but it was still a little awkward. No cramping on this one and the weight flew up easy. Something told me to go 400, but I said screw it and went 405 instead

405 lbs - No Lift
Missed this one at lockout as my legs started cramping up bad, and then went to my glute and lower back as I was locking out. Had them take it, and had to roll off the bench to get up.


During warmups I could barely get down to the bar. So to stay in the meet I had them change my opener from 705 to 150. I kept pounding gatorade and water, took some Taurine (thanks Pat!), and tried to stretch out my back and hamstring as much as possible. Each warmup hurt more than the other so I stopped at 405.

150 lbs - Good Lift
Went back to warmup area and pulled 495, which felt better and gave me some confidence that I could trust the hamstring.

605 lbs - Good Lift
This gave me a total PR. I came up completely twisted and it did not feel great, but I kept drinking water and attempting to stretch my back and hamstrings for a final attempt. 755 would give me a Raw Pro Total (IPA and SPF Raw Pro Am qualifying total). It would also be a 20 lbs raw PR, and 5 lb overall PR.

755 lbs - Good Lift
20 lb raw PR, 5 lb over best geared pull
Weight came up fast of the floor, stalled a bit at the knee and then flew up fast to lockout. Looking at tit I'm not sure 800 would have fallen in the condition I was in but I was definitely good for more. However, I only think I had one 750 + lb pull in me before my back and hamstring went on strike.

1730 lb Raw Total at 308 (155 lb meet PR). I'm happy with the end result, but I feel like there's a lot more in me right now. I guess you always want to go 9 for 9 and leave some pounds on the platform. For the next meet I will defintely bring more liquid calories and electrolytes to help keep my weight up and the cramping at bay. For some reason the last two meets I have had problems dropping weight on the morning of the meet. I need to force liquids in so I don't compete dehyradated.

Big Thanks to my wife for all her love and support. My training partner Shawn (and you to Dave when you decide to show up ), and the team at Iron Horse Powerlifting for helping me out at the meet.


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