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BendtheBar 08-13-2012 10:40 AM

Powerlifting Workout Feedback
This workout is from a young powerhouse who just competed in their first powerlifting competition this past weekend. He hit a 3x bodyweight deadlift (165 pound class), and is a very dedicated lifter in general.

He's looking for feedback on the following:


Fall 2012 Routine

Attain 200/300/400/500 OHP/Bench/Squat/Deadlift
Add 10-15lbs of mass
Keep workouts to 60-90 min
Rest 45-90s between sets
Take rest days when necessary/when my body tells me
General accessory will 4-6+ sets depending on timing/energy levels/exercise choice

Day 1
Deadlift (C&P style: 5x1, 4x2, 3x3 w/ 95/90/85% respectively)
Paused Incline Bench (C&P style: 5x1, 4x2, 3x3 w/ 95/90/85% respectively)
Back Accessory
Chest Accessory

Day 2
Squat (C&P style: 5x1, 4x2, 3x3 w/ 95/90/85% respectively)
Military Press or Seated BHTNP (Not sure here; maybe work up to a top set of 5, then a 5x10 back off
for volume?)
Hamstring/Quad Accessory
Shoulder Accessory

Day 3
Power Cleans (C&P style: 5x1, 4x2, 3x3 w/ 95/90/85% respectively)
Superset BW Dips & BW Chins for 50+ reps
High Rep Bicep/Tricep/Grip Work

Day 4
Jump Squats/Front Squats (Hepburn 8x2 and working up to 8x3 before increasing weight on the bar
and/or C&P style)
BHTNPP (C&P style: 5x1, 4x2, 3x3 w/ 95/90/85% respectively)
Hamstring/Quad Accessory
Shoulder Accessory

Day 5
Bench Press (Hepburn 8x2 and working up to 8x3 before increasing weight on the bar)
Rackpull Shrugs (C&P style: 5x1, 4x2, 3x3 w/ 95/90/85% respectively)
Chest Accessory
Back Accessory

Day 6

Rest Day (Depending on if I went out the night before
) and/or
High Rep Arm Work (itís a weak point for me that seems to have responded well this summer to
increased volume)

Day 7
Rest Day

BendtheBar 08-13-2012 10:44 AM

My initial thoughts follow. Please feel free to chime in.


My main concern is the limited rest between heavy sets. I know C&P likes this, but always remember you never want to start a heavy rep feeling less than ready. You are training for strength. My honest opinion is save the limited rest for assistance work.

Jamie Lewis is one of the few people that advocate it, because it's dangerous. You never do a heavy rep when you're not ready, nor when you are fatigued and not close to 100%. As you get stronger it can lead to risk of injury.

Heavy lifts - your percentages are too high on some of the volume. You're out of the Prilepin comfort zone. You are better off doing fewer reps, and then doing reasonable drop work.

Behind the neck press - I would avoid heavy singles and doubles. Many experienced lifters will tell you how they take a toll, and might start to take away from benching. Stick with 3 to 5 reps.

Chest accessory - Drop it. You already have a press heavy week. Back can take frequent beatings. With chest it's not necessary. You're better off working triceps more.

Shoulder accessory - Drop it. Too much shoulder work already.

Don't OHP the day before benching. Consider adding in weighted abs work.

Also, don't hesitate to take 3-5 days away when you feel fatigue.

Fazc 08-13-2012 10:49 AM

It's very C&P orientated that's for sure.

While I certainly liked the C&P approach while I did something similar earlier in the year. In retrospect it didn't really allow for the specific kinda of form work and assistance work that you would typically get with more powerlifting orientated routines.

Obviously it works for Jamie. Whether it works for this particular chap is up for grabs.

Shorts 08-13-2012 11:41 AM

Definitely add in some core work, both weighted and bodyweight (I personally find hanging leg raises from the chinup bar to work both grip and core strength).

If he really wants some arm work, adding it in after his deadlift day would be a good place to put it, especially if he is going to remove that chest accessory. 2 days rest seems like it would be really nice for this routine.

I also don't know what his endurance is like, but getting some GPP in as well would be nice.

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