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RobMoriRB 07-13-2012 10:11 PM

How I understand Westside barbell template-
I got a question on the Westside Barbell
I read the template that steve put up an this is what I understand from it.

Dynamic Bench Press
Triceps(heavy close grip, kick backs)
Shoulders(front raise side raise)
Lats/Upper Back(light Row/ Lat pull down)

Monday Max Effort Squat/DL

Max Effort Exercise(Box 2" below/2" above--deficit DL)
Hamstrings(leg exten. leg curls)
Low Back(band GM)

Wednesday Max Effort Bench Press

Max Effort Exercise
Triceps(light Close DB pull)
Lats/Upper Back (bent flys heavy Row)

Friday Dynamic Squat/DL

Dynamic Squat(even squat/ pin Pull/free squat)
Hamstrings (leg press calf work)
Low Back(GM)

this is what I understand....I have been looking at this one for a bit an I am trying to understand the whole program

Bill 07-13-2012 10:53 PM

that is the basic outline.

Pick ME and accessory work that hit your weaknesses. For example, if you deadlift lockout is weak, you may want to do work that addresses that, such as pulls against bands, rack pulls a few inches below sticking point, etc.

Max effort work, followed up by bodybuilding type volume for assistance work.

LtL 07-14-2012 05:55 AM

There is lots of information out there on Westside training. The problem is that a lot of the exercises are geared towards equipped lifting so if you choose those, you won't get much carryover to the big three.

I ran Westside raw for a year and here's what I learnt:

- Percentages on dynamic effort days need to be higher, probably up to 75/80%
- You need accommodating resistance to avoid locking out too fast on dynamic effort work.
- Do the competition lifts more often for max effort. I ended up doing them every other week.
- Box squat but do it less often.
- Learn how to do a PROPER box squat.

Other things I things I think are important for you at your strength levels:

- Do higher reps for max effort and maybe even switch to repetition effort (sets of 5/6). This will improve your technique.
- Mix up higher rep (12-20) assistance work with lower rep (5-8) work.
- Start with a low volume of assistance and build up. Gradually add sets and exercises.

Last of all I noticed kickbacks in your exercise selections above. Don't do those. They are useless. Do rolling extensions, skull crushers, Tate press, JM press, cable Pushdowns, in fact anything but kickbacks.

If you have more questions let me know.


Fazc 07-14-2012 06:04 AM

Good list by Ltl.

Some of the things I believe are useful:

- If you're weak, then your best assistance is more of the actual lift. This is the most important one. If you're still Benching 200 or Squatting/Pulling 300 then you need to do the lifts more. 1 top single won't be enough because you're not efficient enough for it to be a true 1RM.

- Speed work shouldn't be easy. You won't get a 220kg raw pull by pulling 110kg on a consistent basis. The routine is good, but it's not magic. Percentages should be higher for single ply lifters and even higher for raw lifters.

- Don't be afraid of working up every few weeks on the Squats.

- Don't do useless shit. The bulk of your work should still be compounds.

- Don't throw out proven exercises. Just because it's westside doesn't mean you should ignore the useful exercises which get you results.

- Extra workouts are very useful to get more volume and frequency in. They should not be easy but limit reps to 20+.

- Box Squat properly, it won't translate to your Raw Squat but it will train your posterior and THAT'S why it's useful.

LtL 07-14-2012 06:55 AM

On Max Effort day you choose one lift and max out on it. As I said before I would go for the heaviest triple you can. So for example my max effort squat/DL sessions recently have been:

2 weeks ago - Sumo deficit pull against bands
Last week - Dead stop Good Morning
Next week - Equipped squat


RobMoriRB 07-14-2012 06:57 AM

ok I understand now thanks about 3 weeks away till I start it so I will have time to get a rough copy of the cycle start

LtL 07-14-2012 07:18 AM

Do your research before you start. Watch Louie's box squat videos on YouTube, look at what other raw Westside trainees do and get access to some bands and chains.


BendtheBar 07-14-2012 09:05 AM

Rob, using the tag system at MAB (found at the bottom of the homepage), you can find every article and discussion here at MAB on Westside:

Muscle and Brawn Forums - Threads Tagged with westside

Hope some of these help.

miked96 07-18-2012 08:55 PM

I just saw this. Here is a template from Greg Panora for a beginning lifter. I think he was in the low 4s for bench and upper 5s in squats (gear). Anyway gives you the exercises to do from someone who trained under Louie.

Dynamic bench day

1.Bench against mini bands.
8x3 do 145 week 1, 155 week 2, 165 week 3 and then repeat.r

2.Dumbell presses
3x15 rotate flat, incline and decline.

3.Tri extensions
5x10 rotate dumbells, barbells, JMs, and band extensions.

4.Pullups, pulldowns, or rows

5.Rear delts


Max effort squat and dead day

1.Rotate rack pulls, good mornings, front squats, zercher dls, more goodmornings. Throw in a full squat or dl every now and then as u see fit. Work up to a max single.

2.Weighted back extensions or hypers.

3. Stiff legged deads, band leg curls, or band goodmornings, ghr

4. Shrugs w/ dumbells or barbell

5. Weighted crunches or Band abs

Max effort bench day

1.Rotate floor press, ultra wide benches, inclines, declines, benches against bands, reverse bands and board presses. Work up to a max single.

Everything else should look the same as the dynamic day

Dynamic squat day

1. Speed box squats against green bands.
6-8x2 rotate 315,350,375 and 405.

2. Speed dls

Everything else should look the same as max effort day.

Wear briefs when u squat and a belt.

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