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big_swede 06-27-2012 04:50 PM

Effective Training for Busy Men by Jim Wendler
Good article!


From November to mid-January I have a lot on my plate. With my family spread out from Colorado, New Jersey, Texas, and Illinois, I have a lot of traveling to do. Thanksgiving and Christmas are spent in different states and we travel an ungodly amount during these three months.

I am not a big fan of traveling I'm a creature of habit. I love my bed, my room, my weight room, and my couch. Couple that with the busiest time of year for business, and my training time is always compromised.

I'm not alone. Any small business owner has a super busy season, usually around the holidays. Growing up, my father was a track/field and football coach and his time was always limited during these seasons. Maybe your children's activities reach a peak in the summer and your time is very limited in the gym.

Whatever the case, you have to get your work done, but you have to get your training in, too. Without training, most of us would be a wreck. It gives us some purpose, lets us get out some aggression, helps push our bodies/minds further, and really, it's just in our DNA. While training might not completely define me as a person (I'd like to think that I'm more than just a meathead), it's a huge part of me, and my life. And if you're reading this, it's part of you, too.

The trick to training around a busy or awkward schedule is priorities. Since we aren't going to give up training, it's a priority. But we can't give up our business, our jobs, or our children for more days in the weight room. Still, success can still be had you just have to plan correctly.

Workout A
Bench Press
*Assistance Work

Workout B
* Assistance Work

The workouts and exercises are what I use feel free to use different ones according to your training and your programming.

I wouldn't do more than two "big" exercises per workout. One of the early lessons I learned in training was to limit the big exercises per day but strive to have a great workout on these 1 or 2 exercise.

T NATION | Effective Training for Busy Men

big valsalva 06-27-2012 09:32 PM

Thank you big_swede. A very good article, and fitting for me to read right now.

big_swede 06-28-2012 01:30 PM


Originally Posted by big valsalva (Post 254660)
Thank you big_swede. A very good article, and fitting for me to read right now.

For me too, actually Im leaning towards this split after the summer.

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