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5kgLifter 06-22-2012 11:00 AM

Back arch, what degree?
Just putting this up primarily for insights, discussion and general info on the maintaining of the lumbar arch during squat and deadlift? Feel free to add.

I placed it here because although it relates to general training as well, it's more relevant to heavier work in a way.

On the bench press, undertandably, this is fine, as long as the spinal column is elongated against the actual bend to maintain good posture.

People with limited flexiblity have issues getting a decent lumbar arch, so it's just a case of dealing with those flexibilty issues with foam rolling and exercises and such. But, what about people that are really flexibile in the lumbar spine...the following is a slighty "overkill" picture to prove the point...

The question:

How does a very flexible person determine how little of their flexibility to use during the squat in order not to have an excessive arch? Is there a way to know when the lumbar arch is compromising safety before getting injured, due to the increased flexibility they have?


BendtheBar 06-22-2012 11:43 AM

Interesting question.

I don't focus on lower back arch at all while squatting. I focus on driving my elbows down, which keeps my upper back tight, and on taking a deep breath and keeping my midsection tight.

The tight upper back locks everything in for me.

I think if someone is hyper flexible, if they properly setup the upper back and are holding their air as they should, then the lower back position should fall into place naturally.

Kind of hard to explain. From my setup point if I try to force more of an arch it feels awkward and compromises my ability to hold my air and keep my abs as tight.

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